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Spotted Saddle Horse


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Ad number:#395962343
City:Auburn, WA


10 year old cremelo spotted saddle horse gelding, 15'3 hands.

Gaited, registered.  Trailers fine, no issues. Great for farrier, including hot shoeing, no issues. Grooming no problems either, clipping and bathing as well.  Use a wash rack or outside with a hose.  No issues with saddling or taking the bit, very easy to tack up. Loves other horses, and has been around many other kinds of animals with no issues. He is very dog tolerant as well, small or large dogs. Beginners ride him, but I would recommend advanced beginner and up. He doesn't always stand still for mounting and this is why I'm selling him. I am slower at getting on and adjusted on a horse, and I need a horse that consistently won't move until I'm ready to move forward, and I don't have knowledge or time to train him to stand still.  He can be mounted from the ground or a mounting block, either is fine.  All ages can ride him, he is fine with a horse saavy kid, the teens at the barn ride him bareback/with bareback pad. His personality he is sensitive to his rider/person handling him. Best for a trail horse, as this is what he has been doing most all of his life. He came from Kentucky earlier in 2018. He is good in the mountains, water, bridge, logs no issues. Steps over logs instead of jumping.

He likes to be out with other horses, at least a paddock or run. RIght now where he is at he is in a stall. I think he would prefer to be in a stall only at night. Like most gaited horses, he has a long stride and he is not slow or a plug, and he doesn't really canter. He can canter, but it's not natural for him. He will come with a winter blanket. Current on vaccines, worming and shoes.  He does not have any health issues and eats orchard grass hay (and a scoop of grain for a treat daily). He loves regular treats too, horse cookies, vegetables, fruit and candy canes.  The buyer is welcome to take any grain that he has left.

I will consider a trade as I want a horse that I can ride and not have to ask someone to hold still while I get on. I am open to gender, age(just not so old that there are restrictions or health issues. I am open to breed as well but I prefer gaited, but non gaited is ok too. The potential trade must be large enough to carry a larger adult.

This is a real add and not a scam. Don't waste my time and I won't waste yours. If you are seriously interested in this horse, come see/ride him.

3500 OBO


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