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X-Mass Giveaway Permobil F5 Corpus VS standing wheelchair


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Ad number:#1023719166
Phone:(786) 926-6800
City:Indianapolis, IN


Permobil F5 Corpus VS standing wheelchair is designed to offer a new way of experience in standing which allows to choose from two positions i.e. Sit-to-stand or Lay-to-stand. F5 Corpus VS features fully automatic and independent suspension, self-adjusting support wheels, stand and drive provides a new level of comfort and stability, indoor or outdoor gives you greater independence and freedom. F5 Corpus comes with many small, smart improvements that makes it an ideal wheelchair for users with various requirements. F5 Corpus VS enables user to reach a little bit further, stand longer, endure even tougher challenges and helps to maintain and improve user mobility, independence and health.


Stand without Compromise:


Permobil F5 Corpus combined all the performance features with superior power standing functionality. Fully programmable standing sequences allow the user position to be optimized using supine, semi-reclined or sit to stand techniques. Customize standing positions with adjustable anterior chest pad, moldable knee supports and power articulating footplates. From face-to-face interactions to improved health outcomes, the F5 VS empowers user to explore different standing benefits.


Corpus® Seating System:


Corpus Seating System comes with a new dual density backrest foam that promotes greater surface area contact while the newly designed Ergo seat pelvic well insert wich can help pressure redistribution and reduce peak pressures. Corpus is a biomechanically optimized power positioning that has been enhanced with Ergo seat and backrest cushions. Stretch-Air covers offer a breathable, moisture resistant fabric material to enhance comfort and help protect underlying foam.


ComfortRide and ComfortRide Pro Suspension


Superior Suspension: Fully independent, adjustable ComfortRide and ComfortRide Pro suspension. Widest variety of driving experiences like superior vibration reduction, ride comfort and better drive performance. Front wheel driving experience which is further increased by patented ESP (Enhanced Steering Performance) gyroscope tracking technology, which provides exceptional tracking at high speeds, on side slopes or with alternative drive systems.


ActiveHeight™ and ActiveReach™


ActiveHeight™ elevation and ActiveReach™ forward tilt perform to create a seating system like no other seating system. With up to 14" of vertical seat adjustment and 45° of ActiveReach forward tilt capability, the F-Series empowers to reach for more further and go faster with new elevated drive speeds of up to 3.2mph.




With 12" and 14" seat elevator options which help in reaching new heights. While elevating, the seating system repositions 3.5" to maintain optimal forward stability. At full elevation, keep pace with a top speed of 3.2mph.



ActiveReach™ technology allows us to reach for more by creating 4.5" of additional reach. ActiveReach can be used for moving to high cabinets, or even assist in transfers. Functional reach and transfers are improved using a seat elevator, many tasks are still limited as the chair is positioned sideways to the task at hand or knees are unable to remain under tabletops. ActiveReach™ pairs 12" and 14" of seat elevation with functional reach packages so that face objectives as well as a variety of possible transfer positions.

10º | Assists with stand pivot and lateral slide board transfers. Overcome fixed hip angles and maintain a functional line of sight.


20º – 45º | Move into a fully tilted position through programmable backrest and legrest angles that ensure stability and function. The removable knee block maintains positioning throughout.


30º – 45º | Position footplates to the ground negating the need to flip up footplates for safe transfers.

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