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Disabled senior citizen and related adult caregiver looking for a clean, smoke-free, mold-free, vermin-free, quiet apartment, condo, single family home, duplex, detached mother-in-law-suite, or studio to rent.

We are presently renting an apartment the senior has resided in for almost 25 years, and that I have been in with the senior for almost a decade as the disabled senior's live-in disability aide.

Unfortunately, the property is under newer management that has been chronically negligent in multiple aspects. Conditions have deteriorated to the point where many residents have moved out, and others are in the process of doing so. We are looking to move out also as soon as possible. Currently, we are experiencing significant respiratory issues due to massive debris left everywhere from a recent renovation. To add to that, we are battling mold from plumbing issues the apartment complex management will not invest in fully repairing. We have and are currently encountering issues of newly installed apartment facilities that repeatedly malfunction to the point of not being fully functional. This is despite repeated requests for repairs. The place we are in is no longer healthy or habitable. Like many other residents, we are also looking to move.

However, there are a couple of challenges. The senior is on a fixed income. Most rentals require 3x the rent in income to move in. The senior does not have that due to permanent disability. As mentioned, the senior has successfully paid rent for almost 25 years at the same place, so the senior is reliable about paying rent. I am also on a fixed-income as the senior's disability aide. Our income is consistent, and we always pay rent without issue but our income is not high. Additionally, most places require a high credit score and no collections on a credit history. The senior was very ill for a stretch of years, with very high out of pocket medical expenses monthly. She had to concentrate on paying primarily immediate and medical expenses leaving any non-urgent debts off the table. The debt is almost all taken care of, but it is not completely gone. The senior never defaulted on rent during any of that as mentioned. After being hit with unaffordable medical debt, I have some medical collections left on my credit report. They are almost all gone, but not yet. Therefore, we do not meet the perfect credit score and collections-free requirement of most rentals. Obviously, we are working toward paying off all our debts. However, we are in an urgent situation and really need to move for safety reasons before the debts are paid off.

We are looking to rent a furnished, clean, smoke-free, mold-free, vermin-free, quiet apartment, condo, single family home, duplex, detached mother-in-law-suite, or studio. We are quiet, and hardly ever have visitors except for medical case managers, nurses, or other healthcare staff. We prefer to stay in Sarasota, but will consider a larger radius if the rental opportunity is adequate. We are seeking a short-term arrangement month to month (around 6 months), with potential to stay longer if it works out for everyone.

If that appears like a rental agreement you would consider, please contact us as soon as possible. We would need to prepare for the move financially and logistically, and to give proper notice of intent to move out. Therefore, we would likely be ready to move sometime in May. Please provide a link to details and photos of the property, or alternately an email with the same along with contact information where you can be reached.

Thanks for your time.

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