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Responsible Married Couple M/F seeking Single Family Home for Rent (Within 10-15 miles from Newtown CT)


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Ad number:#556839212
Contact:Kevin Blouin
City:Near Newtown CT


My Wife and I are ready to expand our Family and obtain the comfort and privacy of a Single Family Home. We have been at our current Apartment (Private Owner) for about 4 years now and though we love our Apartment and Southington, CT, it is no longer feasible for our long term goals. My Wife is a Department Director for a prominent assisted living center in Newtown, CT as well as a Care Giver for the Elderly and we have a very comfortable income. I am a USN Veteran and own an E-commerce Website working from Home. In the last 4 Years of our tenancy we have paid our rent in full on or before the 1st of every Month. This can be confirmed with a letter of recommendation from our current landlord who would be more than happy to supply. We pay all utilities ourselves aside from sharing Cable/Internet and Water. We are non-smokers and pretty much "Home Bodies". I am a "Jack of all trades yet a Master of none" and more than willing to assist you with lawn maintenance, home repairs, or snow removal if needed. We are very responsible tenants and care heavily in the excellent treatment of you, your property as if it were our own, and considerate of neighbors.

We have a large Pet Family - this tends to be the biggest downfall when locating a rental in a safe area. We love animals and guarantee their good behavior (They only get excited when Momma comes home for a minute - 99% super quiet) and loving demeanor. We have Cats, Dogs, a Turtle, and a Naked Guinea Pig - if you love animals as much as we do then you'll understand that they are our Children. We would love for you to meet them all and you'll fall in love immediately. We take pride in keeping our Home clean and damage free from our animals and would be more than willing to pay any additional Pet deposits (Non Refundable if needed) as well as Renters Insurance.

We will be happy to submit background checks as well as any number of references you request. It is unfortunate that our Credit Scores are low. The majority of issues are due to past Medical Bills and Student Loans but we have been working very hard to increase our score. I implore you to please not use our Credit Score as a basis for our Character or ability to pay rent. We'd be happy to sit down and review our full Credit Report if you so desire.

A few criteria we are looking for in a Single Family Rental House: We would like the commute time to Newtown, CT within 30 mins or so and located in a safe area. It doesn't need to be Rural but a Suburban area with a lower crime rate is desirable. We are not city people! LOL We will need 2 Bedrooms with 1 Bathroom as a minimum for the Home Office I mentioned earlier. Other than those items we are open. We are comfortable with monthly rent up to $1500 + Utilities contingent upon the property location and commute time. We will also be able to provide the required Rent and Securities according to CT State Law. We are also willing to sign a lease as we desire a long term residency 4-5 + years or until we are able to purchase our own property.

I will end with some final notes. We understand the hardships of being the owner of a rental property trying to get the right fit with your tenants. We also understand that bad Tenants have ruined the ease of finding a good rental property with Pets. All we ask is that you hear us out and then possibly give us a chance to prove our reliability and worthiness. We want to start a Family soon but having an Infant living on the 2nd Floor above our Landlord, who is a High School Teacher, wouldn't be very considerate especially in respect to the noise. I am hopeful to meet a property owner who understands that "Life Happens" and is willing to give us a Hand-up. You will not be disappointed with us and you'll be able to rent stress free. :) We would be ready to move in sometime after the New Year.

If you're interested in meeting us and have what we are looking for please send me your contact information and what times are best to reach you! You may feel free to call, email, or txt at the number listed with the ad. I do screen my calls so please leave a VM and I will call you right back.

Thank you so much for your consideration!

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