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Hi! My names Joshua. I work for GOOD HUSTLERS, meaning hustling for the GOOD of HUMANITY! Here at good hustlers we believe in HELPING out our fellow man and woman, struggling family, new business trying to get its foot in the door, as well as larger business's and anyone who needs it, or wants it. Did you just get a new house, or car? Do you have a business that you'd like to AFFORDABLY be able to INSURE? You have clicked the RIGHT article. We will take the time it takes to scour insurance carriers for the ABSOLUTE BEST DEAL we can FIND for you. We CARE about YOU and your PROPERTY, and will make sure we FIND the BEST COVERAGE'S available to us. 

We are a NEW company that wants to ensure the BETTER for YOU'RS, and OUR community. However WE NEED YOUR HELP! What do I mean by this? Well i'll tell you! Whenever you go through GOOD HUSTLERS for your insurance the proceeds go toward expanding our recovery programs, our jobs and promising future careers program, and so much more! I being PERSONALLY one who has BENEFITED already from what little we've had to work with. Through the KINDNESS and HELPFULNESS of others I can now HELP others SAVE MONEY, as well as help many in so many more ways than even just SAVING MONEY. Our DOORS are OPEN to ALL! When you GO THROUGH GOOD HUSTLERS you help YOURSELF, you help OTHERS, you help your COMMUNITY, you help your COUNTRY, and you help the WORLD! One HELPFUL ACT goes a long way with us. One HELPFUL ACT can CHANGE the world. CHANGE THE WORLD TODAY AND MAKE YOUR WORLD A BETTER PLACE! 

:We offer Auto! Home! Life! business! Motorcycle! Health! Commercial Insurance policy's! 

-Insurance provided through: Oxnard Insurance.
-Located in: Downtown Oxnard.
-Contact us at: 805-793-6385(Call or Text)

(IMPORTANT: Make sure when you call, text, or walk in, you tell them good hustlers referred you in order to ensure proceeds go to Good Hustlers inc.

---A Ghetto Enterprise company.---

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