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Global Travel INTERNSHIP for BROAD-MINDED FEMALE . EARN Rs.30,000+/Month or even more


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Ad number:#463758225


BROAD-MINDED FEMALE EARN after Rs.50,000+/Month doing
INTERNSHIP for 3 Months.

# Internship initial Salary is Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000/Month depending on your Communication Skills.
#  From 6th Month Salary will be  Rs.50,000+ if you are Multi-tasker. 
# Can Earn additional Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000 Incentives by Traveling 
# Only 
Broadminded & Open Minded Female READ this Fully if you keen to TRAVEL.
# Ambitious Female who is good in ENGLISH COMMUNICATION respond.
# If you are from out of Bangalore and you want to DO this INTERNSHIP 
    then you should be READY to shift to Indiranagar,Bangalore to stay in PG to WORK at our Office nearby. 

# 30 days FREE TRAINING on the WORK you have to do. After that next month you WORK & get PAID.

# Don`t come to your Own conclusion until you READ everything 
written below TWICE and then chat and discuss only if you are OPEN-Minded to TRAVEL. 

Broad-Minded Single Female who is Keen to become INTERN in a Global Business
working with a GLOBAL BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR  has his Personal Secretary 
or Assistant or Tele-Caller or Activity Partner & Travel Companion . 

The GLOBAL Biz Entrepreneur has Business both in  BANGALORE and in NEW YORK 
and working has a Personal ASSISTANT , 
TELE-CALLER and also TRAVEL Companion 
and also EARN INCENTIVES  Independently  step by step 
provided you are 
OPEN-MINDED to TRAVEL with him and ready to come to BANGALORE . 

Every Word written here is FACT and I am GENUINE Guy and 
my Real Photos are there at the Top . READ the SLIDES also in the images above. 

The HIGHER EARNING are possible if you are  READY to WORK after getting 
FREELY TRAINED and you are Open-Minded & keen to TRAVEL

If you don`t Want to TRAVEL , then it is limited to Rs.25,000/Month only. 
You can WORK in BANGALORE for 3 Months and then WORK from 
anywhere later or can continue working here in BANGALORE itself. 

FIND out everything by asking all the Questions which come to your Mind
when you Chat with me on WhatsAPP. You can get my Videos too after you 
send me your Photos.


NOTE :: Your INTERNSHIP  is has Personal Assistant , Tele-Caller and Travel 
Companion for a Global Entrepreneur & Mentor who has Multiple Business
both in USA and in INDIA .  Read Fully below . 


Only way to CONTACT me is by SENDING a WhatsAPP on my USA Number :: +1 917 460 6715 .

I don`t check the EMAIL often if you Send a Message by the TEXT Box . Only WhatsAPP me.

++++++ IF KEEN READ BELOW Fully & Then CONTACT only on USA WhatsAPP +++++++++

Ambitious & Broadminded Young Lady 
who is looking for Multiple Benefits 
Interning initially has a 
Personal Assistant  & also Support Assistant or Activity Partner 
and later can become Business Associate in my Global biz.


You KNOW Probably why you are here !!! 
You don`t WANT to WORK in a DEAD-END Job with limited Fixed Income.
You want to get the BEST of WHAT you LIKE to have. 
You like to have the BEST of everything in LIFE.
You Like to GROW in LIFE and TRAVEL the WORLD too.


If you are already Working has a Personal Secretary or Personal Assistant 
or TELE-CALLER in a DEAD END JOB with Limited Income then you can 
EARN MORE working with a Dynamic Global Entrepreneur 

If you want to EARN MORE you should be CONFIDENT and OPEN-MINDED. 

But you also KNOW working at your present job has a  Personal Secretary 
or Tele-Caller you are in DEAD-END JOB from  9pm to 6pm ,,,,,,, with NO INCOME GROWTH . 

But here you work ANYTIME , ANYWHERE probably sitting in 5 Star 
Hotel or 3 Star Hotel while Traveling in INDIA or abroad with me  and 
working on LAPTOP or WhatsAPP and making CALLS
to  my PROSPECTIVE CLIENTS of Global Businesses I do . 

I am an IT Entrepreneur, Business Owner , Global Business Mentor,
Vitality and Longevity Educator and keeps traveling for my Seminars and Businesses to USA . 

I have done TRAINING for 200,000 people and more than 500,000 Students in INDIA.


I have BUSINESS both in BANGALORE and in USA and will also be 
traveling to EASTERN EUROPE this YEAR END after USA . 

You will KNOW about me when you ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS. 

I was in New York for Couple of Months for my Business and traveled to Dallas  
Los Angeles and LAS VEGAS & returned recently and I will be going back in Oct or Dec 2019 .

I was in Tokyo , Osaka and Okinawa ... and again I am going to China , 
South Korea and later to Japan .

If you are really Ambitious and Intelligent and Learn-able you can get Opportunity 
to Visit USA or Travel abroad on Business Trips working with a Successful Intelligent 
Global Business Mentor provided you are FUN , Open-minded , Jovial , 
and Ready to Meet and Discuss and also keen to TRAVEL working has a 
Personal Assistant  , Tele-Caller and Travel Companion. 

I am into Multiple PROVEN Businesses and also into Global Businesses 
Traveling a Lot for  Personal & Business Coaching .

I am considered has Multi-talented with vast experience & skills 
and very Successful in what I am doing . 

I stay in Indiranagar in Bangalore and my Company Office is near by. -
In New York , I stay in Astoria and our Company office is there.

I need a Ambitious Intelligent Personal Assistant & Tele-caller and later 
an ACTIVITY PARTNER who is more like a trustful & Loyal close intimate friend & does 
my back-end Work of responding to my Emails and Queries and can meet 
me THRICE in Week after 10 days to 15 days of PERSONAL TRAINING related 
to my WORK from 9am to 6pm and later you can Work  Full time 
both from Home(PG) or Office for updating the WORK.

You can after 15 days of WORK RELATED TRAINING from me what Work 
you have to do on your MOBILE or Laptop , you can WORK later 
from ANYWHERE , ANYTIME and meet once in WEEK or Twice in Week . 

After 3 or 4 Months your WORK is LESS but more of TRAVELING and FUN. 

AS a PERSONAL Assistant & TELE-CALLER Initially :: 

1.) You have to Receive my Clients CALLS.

2.) You have to make CALLS to my LEADS and Prospects.

3.) You have to FOLLOW-UP with my LEADS and PROSPECTS

4.) You should Send WhatsAPP Messages from my Mobile and Emails 
     to my CLIENTS and PROSPECTS and CALL them , 

Also should do the Work of Promoting me ONLINE and my Businesses. 
All work in on LAPTOP or even on TAB or even WhatsAPP after 15 FULL DAYS 
of TRAINING from 9am to 6pm 3 Times in WEEK.

The YOUNG Lady should be good in English very BROAD-MINDED & OPEN-Minded ,
friendly and Fun-loving and if possible  can travel in India or ABROAD too .

if you are BROADMINDED,OPEN & Ambitious to EARN and LEARN to GROW in Life ::

1.)  You have a DESIRE to LEARN New Skills and Businesses to EARN more.

2.) Open to LEARNING and EXPERIMENTING in Social & Interpersonal Skills.

3.) Keen to EXPLORE and EXPERIENCE everything GOOD in LIFE . 

4.) Open to occasional traveling in India or abroad later.

5.) Very Jovial , Fast learner , SINGLE and Desire to LEARN & EARN More

6.) Should be willing to accompany within INDIA & staying together if needed.

7.) EARN Smartly from Rs.30,000 to Rs.50,000 / M Initially . Later More.

8.) Opportunity to EARN upto Rs.50,000 to Rs.1,00,000 / Month depending 
on how long you can spend time in-front of Internet or WhatsAPP . 

9.) You can also LEARN lot of SKILLS from me which will help you in FUTURE
both in INDIA and ABROAD .My Skills is what takes me to different Countries. 


This is the Most IMPORTANT Pre-requisite I look at . 

Within Few minutes of your Messages I can Understand about you if you don`t 
communicate properly on WhatsAPP ... 

Only Young Lady who are Single , OPEN , Friendly , very Broadminded & 
FREE after College and Looking for EARNING and LEARNING real life 
Personal , Social , Financial and Business Skills from a Mentor like me 
can also send your details , with your Email Id , WhatsAPP Mobile Number 
and a Photo and tell me your EXCUSES also. 

Don`t contact if you are NOT CONFIDENT to meet and discuss in Public Place
after Speaking on Mobile for 2 or 3 times answering my Questions . 

When you have decided to be OPEN , BROADMINDED and you are looking for 
such Opportunity on this Website  , only such Intelligent Young Lady can contact and be 
ready to come and meet me in Indiranagar at COFFEE DAY or our Office 
Food Court near Ulsoor Lake. 

If you are College Finished Girl from outside Bangalore and are planning 
to Shift to Bangalore to stay in PG around Indiranagar can also contact .

But you should come to BANGALORE at the earliest on your Own ... later you may not 
get this Opportunity to WORK SMARTLY and EARN COMFORTABLY and later travel.

Successful lady in your Life if you are TRULY OPEN-MINDED and 
you can consider me like a MENTOR and TRUE CLOSE FRIEND for 
everything in Life and you will be Lucky to be my Protege.

Google what - PROTEGE - means.

Only by responding and meeting directly after WhatsAPPing on my 
USA WhatsAPP Number with your Name / Photo / Age / Studies / 
where you stay / and then you will get my Response ..

WhatsAPP me on +1 917 Four Six Zero Six Seven One Five . 
+1 917 460 6715

Check the Number Twice and WhatsAPP with all 7 info about yourself and send me the this Link .... 
COPY the LINK from Address Bar
 and Paste in the WhatsAPP message ,

The 7 Info are :: 
1.) Your FULL Name 
2.) Your AGE and Date of Birth. 
3.) Your Education and Experience in Work Life 
4.) Where you stay because I stay in Indiranagar and we meet in INDIRANAGAR.
5.) Your Past Work Experience if any 
6.) About yourself ... Your Goal and Dreams in Life.What is your Passion ? 
7.) About your Relationship Status. If you are NOT SINGLE don`t contact. 

IMPORTANT NOTE :: When you Reply with all the 7 INFOs make Sure you 
send me the LINK of the AD you have responded .

Sending me the LINK is VERY VERY  Important .

Only if your Positive , Ambitious , Active , Intelligent , Hard-working,
determined , Ready to LEARN and Grow in Life and want 
to achieve something in life but is also very OPEN , broadminded and 
fun to be with only then respond to meet and discuss for 2hrs first 
in Matteo Coffee in Indiranagar so you will understand everything in detail ..

When you are REPLYING send me the LINK of the ad from the address Browser to my WhatsAPP Number.

Are you the Lucky Young Lady in 2019 and coming years ....!!!

Do you want to make 2019 and years ahead a Turning Point in your Life ?

Do you at present have better Opportunity to Improve your Life ?

Choice is left to your destiny .....

You will be meeting a Successful Generous Global Traveler and only if your LUCKY 
and BLESSED you will meet me and discuss .......

SAVE my Number with the name :: ABHI GLOBAL and put +1 first after type 917 460 6715 .

+1 917 460 6715 

Abhi JAIN . 
IT Entrepreneur, Business Owner. Lifestyle Coach,Trainer, Consultant.

INDIRANAGAR , BANGALORE . Astoria , New York. 
I have business in New York too .

WhatsAPP me on USA Number : +1 917 460 6715 ( Only Female Respond )


NOTE :: READ everything 2 Times and Respond only on WhatsAPP first time itself in Detail ..

Don`t say - Hi and be Quite .. You are already lost the opportunity becoz I will think 
some timid and not confiden
t lady has responded. So Write in Detail about yourself .

FINAL NOTE :: If you think any BROADMINDED Female Friend of your would love 
to be Successful Financially by coming to BANGALORE and working here and 
later wants to travel you can Forward the LINK to her and tell her to READ It .


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