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Ad number:#455226518
Contact:Eddie Picasso
Compensation:College Credit


Are you a digital marketing rising star? Are you obsessed with digital marketing and all of the different segments such as: SEM, Social, Analytics, and CRO? Do you relentlessly read top digital marketing trade blogs for insider tips and tricks such as, ,,, or others? Are you able to gauge a company’s digital marketing strategies and suggest ways to optimize and improve processes? Do you know what metrics matter for business and which ones don’t? If you answered yes to these questions, then please read on…

Di Picasso Media is a growing media company a subsidiary of E. Picasso Investments, LLC a real estate services company. We provide marketing solutions to E. Picasso Investments and The Picasso Group at eXp Realty to help them achieve explosive growth by reaching their digital goals. This includes increasing their ROI and enhancing their brand across many platforms/mediums. We are looking for candidates who embody our standard of excellence, our culture of teamwork, and who are enthusiastic about learning while delivering their best work ensuring we are the most effective and advanced digital marketing team in content marketing. We offer the flexibility of working remotely, a robust on-boarding program and training. We are looking for a team of like-minded high achievers and offer opportunities for advancement.


 This role will exhibit expertise in building and growing:

  • Live events

  • Online education / continuing education

  • Business Services / Training

  • Membership program

Track record of growing and engaging audiences. You must be outstanding at creating strategies to grow traffic and increase conversions. Must be confident in your knowledge of email, web, social and affiliate marketing strategies to ensure your success. This internship works directly with marketing campaign strategists to ensure the overarching marketing strategy is aligned with company values, best practices and tactics for optimal lead and revenue generation.

You will be responsible for the following:

  • Update Marketing team on digital marketing best practices and inform them on developing technologies and trends.

  • Strong understanding of paid and organic search marketing, keyword research, on-page optimization – ability to provide strategic insight to internal and external partners.

  • Understand ad auction and competition to enforce big agreements with external channel partners.

  • Collaborate with Social Media Manager to develop and deploy organic Social media tactics (Facebook Live/Premier, IGTV, Facebook Watch, Pinterest, LinkedIn Influencer) that increase lead and revenue generation

  • Interface with mobile and messaging (SMS, Whatsapp, FB Messenger, etc) technology partners to drive greater acquisition and activation of clients

  • Compelling, persuasive web content for our clients and for di PICASSO Media. This includes blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (and others), as well as e-mail campaign content creation and other content projects as they arise.

  • Write long and short form content.

  • Collaborate with engagement managers and social media specialists to build big ideas and ensure consistency across all client touch points.

  • Continuously review and research industry related trends and proactively offer ideas or ways to strengthen on-going communications.

  • Adjust writing style to reflect the various voices of our clients.


  • You are a senior in your undergraduate studies.

  • These are unpaid academic internships that may qualify for course credit. Please review with your academic advisor or department chair.

  • Strong analytical and strategic instincts.

  • Editing and proofreading abilities.

  • Understanding of social media channels.

  • Outstanding presentation skills.

  • Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal).

  • Ability to work within a team to solve problems, implement solutions and elevate our clients’ experience, strategies and content.

  • Ability to work remotely.

  • Self-starter orientation and a strong focus on follow-through, on-time delivery and customer satisfaction (internal and external).

  • Committed to personal and professional, avid reader, and student of Marketing craft

  • You are interested in an internship that has the potential of transitioning to employment.


  • Social Media experience, other than for personal use (a plus)

  • Excellence in grammar, spelling and English language composition.

  • Research skills to learn about client industries.


First, please look us up @ and check out to make sure that we are a good fit. We want you to be just as happy as we are!

Next, kindly forward your resume, full personal or professional portfolio of work and/or other writing samples along with your references and a video of yourself to diPicassomedia (dot) careers (at) outlook (dot) com. 

In the video:

  1. Please introduce yourself (beyond what we can learn by reading your resume) and discuss why our internship is of interest to you.

  2. Please describe the top three things you would like to learn during your internship. We encourage you to be as specific as possible.

  3. Tell us about your digital marketing experience up to this point (and if it is zero...that is okay).

  4.  Please tell us why you are passionate about digital marketing and analytics.

  5. Things we cannot teach are work ethic, commitment to teammates, integrity, and excellence. Please share an example of when you consistently demonstrated excellence in your work.

  6. Please share an example of when you demonstrated integrity.

  7. What are the attributes or qualities you look for in teammates?

  8. How can we help support your growth and development during this internship?

  9. This is my direct email address-please feel free to reply here.

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