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Hallmark - Retail Merchandiser Floater - Mount Laurel, NJ


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Ad number:#294523530
Contact:Natalie Strong
City:Indianapolis, IN


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Hallmark currently has a part time Retail Merchandiser Floater available in the Mount Laurel, NJ area. We are looking to hire ASAP!

***For a complete job description and to apply please visit: ***
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The Retail Merchandiser Floater is a part-time position. They support peak service, season and installation work weeks and thus their work hours and days vary. 

o Provides support in three key areas - service, seasons and installations.
o Covers vacations, sick leave and open Retail Merchandiser territories.
o Provides support for key retail priorities.
o Works closely with the Territory Supervisor.
o Communicates with store managers and receivers.
o Works in a variety of stores contained within the Territory Supervisor's territory making them retail ready.

o Replenishes, straightens, and tracks inventory of the everyday and seasonal greeting cards and speciality items which includes gift wrap, stationery and other gift items.
o Places product in assigned locations using company-issued technology.
o Walks to areas outside of the card department to service other displays in the store.

o Takes down and puts up seasonal products in the Hallmark Department.
o Maintains seasonal displays by straightening and restocking.
o Reads layouts for displaying products.
o Builds seasonal corrugate displays.
o Processes seasonal discards/credits after each season. Follows product disposition direction.

o Works with an installation team on fixturing and product placement in new stores, store remodels, store relocations and product revisions.
o Participates in installation activities such as moving card departments, building fixtures and merchandising product.
o Works with a variety of tools including hammers, screwdrivers, box cutters and possibly some power tools.

o Your schedule will vary based on the need for RMF support.
o There will be weeks where no RMF support is needed.
o You must be available Monday to Friday during day hours.
o On an exception basis, weekend work may be required during major holiday weeks.

o You must be able to consistently push, pull, lift, and carry cartons, merchandise, and display fixtures up to 30 pounds throughout the work day and up to 50 pounds on occasion. You will also be required to stoop, squat, walk, and stand throughout your work day, and you may be required to climb stairs and ladders.
o You must have access to a Wi-Fi network and the internet.
o You need flexibility to work a changing work schedule that may include an occasional evening or weekend.
o You need to interact in a professional manner with store employees, store management and customers while in the store.
o You must have reliable transportation to report to assigned locations on time, as scheduled.

* You will be providing support to various retail stores within 20 miles of Mount Laurel.
* Your schedule will vary.  You must be available to work any day of the week as needed.
* You will typically work 8-15 hours each week during non-seasonal times and 16-20 hours per week during busy holiday periods.
* Hours and work days may change at any time due to business needs.

Hallmark is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, age, pregnancy, national origin, physical or mental disability, genetics, sexual orientation, gender identity, veteran status, or any other legally-protected status.

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