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At Waste Management, we know that it can be challenging to obtain your Commercial Driver’s License! We recognize the time commitment and the costs associated with schooling to get your D license! That’s why WM developed a program for Apprentice Drivers! This program will take you from a G to a D license - providing you with the training, and work experience as well as reimbursing you for your Driver’s School Tuition. Everything you need to grow into a successful and skilled Commercial Driver!


In tandem with a seasoned WM Driver and/or WM Driver Trainer, after receiving their Commercial Driving Permit, the Driver Apprentice will complete the required training to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle providing service to customers in their respective Line of Business (LOB). The Driver Apprentice will continue in this role until they complete all training requirements.


  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Registration within 3 months of initial hire with a recognized local driving school to obtain a DZ license.
  • Completion of DZ Driver Training within 12 months of the initial hire date.
  • Legally eligible to work in Canada with a valid S.I.N
  • Ability to perform physical requirements of the position with or without reasonable accommodations. 
  • Successfully complete pre-employment drug screen and medical



  • WM will cover the cost of a driving course from a recognized driving school to a maximum of $2600.00

*If the employee leaves the Company's employ prior to completing one year of service, after obtaining their DZ License, they will be responsible for full repayment of the driving course. The union and the employee also agree that failing to reach a reimbursement agreement, the Company can deduct from the employee’s last pay cheque the full reimbursement of the driving course. 

  THE DAY-TO-DAY While in training, the following skills will be taught, and the trainee must be able to demonstrate proficiency prior to moving to the next driver level:  

  • Performs as an on-route Helper while obtaining their Commercial Driving Permit and completing the training to be a WM Driver.
  • After obtaining their Commercial Driving Permit, partner with a WM Driver and/or WM Driver Trainer to train on the proper way to operate a commercial refuse/recycling vehicle.
    • Operates vehicle in accordance with Waste Management Safety and Life Critical Rules, Occupational and Safety Health and Ministry of Transportation requirements as well as all local, state and federal laws.
    • Performs pre- and post-trip inspections of assigned vehicle and documents checks utilizing the standard DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report). 
    • Immediately reports all unsafe situations or service-related issues to Route Manager or Dispatch.
    • Attends and participates in all scheduled training programs, briefings, and meetings as required by Waste Management or directed by the Route Manager.
    • Works closely with Route Manager to improve route efficiencies and identify best practices.
    • Notifies Route Manager of any incidents, accidents, injures, or property damage.
    • Notifies Route Manager or Dispatch of service interruptions including closed or impassable streets or alleyways, receptacles too heavy to service or potential safety hazards.
    • Communicates customer requests to Dispatch or Route Manager.
    • Completely dumps all receptacles and leaves the customer’s location clean and free of debris. 
    • Follows route assignments as directed and completes end-of-day documentation and check-out process.
    • Performs all duties as scheduled by Route Manager or Dispatch and assists other drivers as directed to meet customer needs.


WM cares about our Driver’s safety and shows it by demanding all our employees' solid safety practices. Pride, safety, training, growth, opportunity, great benefits, and rewards – check us out, we may be the company for you!


Submit your application now for this unique opportunity with Waste management.

Please apply now on the site below, or call 877.220.5627, to speak with a Waste Management recruiter today


Equal Opportunity Employer Minority/Female/Disability/Veteran

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