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Hair Stylist Childrens Harbor

Job Summary

+ The Hair Stylist/ Cosmetologist is a trained and licensed professional who provides quality hair care to pediatric patients, their siblings and parents who are in Children’s of Alabama. . The stylist will work in a multi-cultural environment and must have extensive experience with all hair types and textures.S/he is careful to maintain safety protocols and help patrons cope and feel comfortable in a family centered environment. Services are provided to these families based on our family centered principle that embrace valuing the family and utilizing the family as a core partner. The ultimate goal of this position is to provide a service and place where patrons can feel at ease and have less concern about their appearance or treatments while focusing more on a positive self-image and self-esteem and having improved confidence.

+ To help determine the best service and products that will be used on patients the Hair Stylist/ Cosmetologist will consult with patients and parental guardians (and medical team members if necessary) prior to performing services. S/he is proficient at providing hair care techniques in a compassionate and sensitive way to serve children undergoing medical treatment or recovering from a traumatic event or surgery.

+ Services are provided to patients and their families in the Hair Salon at Children’s Harbor Family Center as well as inside the rooms of patients.


Reporting Relationship


+ This position reports to the Operations Manager


Job Duties and Responsibilities


+ To successfully perform the job of Hair Stylist/ Cosmetologist the employee must be able to satisfactorily perform the general competencies and the essential functions listed below.

+ Promotes professionalism within the salon and maintain open lines of communication with all customers and visitors.

+ Keeps the salon operating with maximum organization and efficiency.

+ Maintains an intake form to obtain patient information pertinent to their medical condition to ensure services are appropriate for patient.

+ Identifies and purchases beauty supplies/products to efficiently operate the Salon.

+ Ensure infection control and safety standards are in affect and maintained when delivering services.

+ Shampoos, conditions, cuts, blow-dry, trims, and shapes hair and/or hair pieces according to patron preference.

+ Massages and treats scalp for hygienic and remedial purposes.

+ Updates and maintains patient information for services provided.

+ Coordinates the scheduling of patient appointments with patient, family, and staff.

+ Adjusts schedule to accommodate the requests or consults received according to patient schedule

+ Takes inventory of stocks and maintains supplies. Checks supplies on a regular basis. Meet with secretary to order supplies

+ Submits monthly report on types of services provided, expenses, and patient contact

+ Follows sterile technique for ensuring equipment and materials meet standards of a hair salon within the health care setting

+ Consults with nursing, medical and ancillary staff for guidance on patient concerns when necessary.

+ Maintain a pleasant and clean environment. This includes non-patron activities such as sweeping, folding towels, or stocking duties when needed.

+ Actively participates in essential continuing education and training to advance skills and maintain professional license.


+ At minimum, a High School Diploma or GED is required; must have graduated from a state-licensed barber or cosmetology school.


Licensures, Certifications, and/or Registries


Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


+ Knowledge of and the ability to use basic computer programs such as word processing, calendar and schedule planning and email.

+ Adheres to COA’s and Children’s Harbor’s policies, procedures, all safety plans, and standards imposed by JCAHO and other regulatory organizations.


Mission, Vision, and Values


+ The mission of Children's of Alabama is to provide the finest pediatric health services to all children in an environment that fosters excellence in research and medical education. Children's of Alabama will be an advocate for all children and work to educate the public about issues affecting children's health and well-being.


The vision of Children's of Alabama is a better childhood for all children. We envision a childhood where all children have access to healthcare, live in safe neighborhoods, grow up in economically-stable families and attend functional schools within communities that value each child as a unique human being.


Children's of Alabama values Compassion, Commitment, Innovation, Trust and Teamwork.


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