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Contact:Allan True
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- As a IPTV reseller you will have many special features and tools to make money.
- A Customized Reseller Control Panel (helps you easily manage your new IPTV business.
- Complete IPTV Manual - a step by step guide to making money as a Reseller.
- Free Website & Set-Up
- And 24/7 Support from our trained staff to set you up for success.

-Your Own Brand

-Resellers can make their own Website and sell under their own brand-name. This means your clients will receive Premium TV service from your brand-name. (our company name does not appear anywhere so your customers remain your customers)

-You Get Your Own Reseller Panel

With your IPTV Reseller panel, You are in total control to manage your customers.
You can Stop accounts from those who hasn't paid.
You can Add and Edit accounts from any computer (or smart phone)
You can give Free Test Trials (so they can Try before they Buy)


– As a reseller, you get your OWN panel to create the free or paid trial accounts for your customer: manage everything right from your smart phone, manage unlimited customers and start selling accounts to your customer at YOUR OWN price. (our service works in every state and most countries thru a WiFi connection).

– You won’t need to leave your current job (in fact, your co-workers, friends and family can be your first prospects). Once your prospect SEE all their favorite cable channels that you can offer them - most will Cut Their Expensive Cable Bill immediately - they rather pay YOU $40 a month for the exact same channels, instead of paying cable $200 a month.
What's better than helping people save money - while you make money!?


You will get your FREE PANEL "loaded" with 10, 25 or 100 Credits. Credits are converted into monthly IPTV Subscriptions that you sell (it's how you make money). Your Credits never expire so you can sell at your own pace.

With your panel you can:

– Create trial accounts for your clients: you will be able to can create 100 FREE Test Trials for your clients daily.

Your clients can Test your service and; Try before they Buy! (some of our Resellers even SELL the 24-hour Trials for $2-$5 each which puts more money in your pocket - but is totally up to you)

(But in our experience, offering FREE Trials bring more customers, Faster. Either way, it cost you nothing)

– Extend line: After their trial time, you can easily convert them to a paid account thru the Panel with a single click.

- 24/7 Support: (we are not in another country like most IPTV services we are here in the U.S. ready to help you)

-You'll be in business FOR yourself but not BY yourself! (we help you with Marketing Strategies and more)

TEXT the word "BIZ" to: 404-530-9185

* Resellers (in LA) making over $6,200 a month!
* Resellers in (NY) bring in over $4,400 a month!
* Resellers (in MD) doing more than $3,600 a month!
* Resellers (in GA) getting over $2,800 a month!

** "You are responsible for paying your own taxes on any money made from the Program"

This Offer ends once we have met our quota!

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