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Delivered Firewood Seasoned Split Post Oak & Stacked SALE


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Ad number:#1024818054
Contact:Mac Homer


Firewood Seasoned Stacked & Delivered SALE Discounted Special - Split Post Oak

  • $199* - 1/4 Face Cord (stacked around 4'x4' or 2'x8')
    (Normally, $225)
  • $350*- 1/2 Cord (stacked around 2w x4h x4L ft.')
    (Normally, $405
  • All other amounts of wheelbarrow full, 1/16, 1/8, 3/4 Cord, or Full Cord or more that might be available, please contact us for best price available.

(Please see the delivery price radius image in the ad.)

Ready to Order your delivery today? Please respond to this ad or txt/call me let me know the following:

  • Address to be delivered?
  • Any obstacles, many stair steps up and down to access the location to stack the wood?
  • When you need it by?
  • Cash, Venmo...?
  • Quantity of 16-18" Split Post Oak fire wood?
    • Note: 4-10" Stove Smoker wood smaller non-uniform cuts of mixed oak, great for Chiminea, if this is what you need instead, please request
  • Just Curious, mainly used for firewood or BBQ cooking?

Firewood Delivered 2023 SPECIAL (Good for the Month of 2023, or if you mention this ad, so please mention this ad.)

NOTES: Post Oak type of wood seasoned smoker wood spit up into lengths of 16-18 inch...
BBQ Oak Seasoned Wood or just Good Ol' Firewood
We are the delivery of wood to the warm comfort of your home. Most deliveries are scheduled in the afternoon-evening. If in or around Austin or North Austin, may schedule deliveries for later in the evening when traffic dies down a bit.
I'm like the Uber or rather the Lyft, or more like GrubHub, Uber Eats, or DoorDash of wood deliveries!
Day or night. Sometimes mornings...
If there are more than 7 steps down an incline, please let me know though ;-).

Delivery to Oak Hill, Dripping Springs, Austin, Buda, Kyle, San Marcos, and surrounding areas and localities, towns and cities mostly... Farmer's Almanac Winter 2023 Report: If you see this ad still up, then still have enough to deliver to you, as we specialize in delivery.
Texas Butcher Paper

We do not take payment upfront. We stack and deliver the firewood before taking payment. And test with Moisture Meter and will show you upon arrival. Beware of making a payment with another firewood outfit that requires payment before you have met them and before your firewood has been delivered.

On a personal note, as you are probably well aware of, dealing with "wood choppers" can be a nightmare. Communication issues and delivery schedule no shows. That is why I got into this business to smooth out that process and make getting great quality firewood easy, turnkey, with a knowledgeable and friendly experience.

You won't get the run-around here. Once you agree on the wood and we nail down a scheduled delivery date, it is all pretty painless. NO HASSLE, hassle Free!!

Need Wood? If so, please give me a shout! Need something for a romantic Winter night fire firewood, for your fireplace.

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The same kind of wood being used at business and restaurants around the Austin area, including Barbeque joints, Wood Fired Pizza places, etc.

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