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Do You Need Preventative or Reactive Tree Care?


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Trees represent an inspiring and wonderful part of nature. These majestic specimens are the art pieces of nature that can fornicate and soothe. Although we know a lot about plants, there is plenty that remains unknown. One thing is certain; as a homeowner, it is important to provide regular maintenance, trimming, and care for the trees on your property to ensure they remain healthy and grow properly. If you live in an urban environment, it’s even more critical to ensure your trees are well cared for. Here are some of the most common questions Five Star Tree Services receives about domestic trees.

How Often Should an Arborist Check my Trees?

There are many types of trees and each one needs to be assessed to determine its specific needs. Some species of trees need care every season while others require them only occasionally. Regardless of their needs, it’s important to follow an established routine. There are two primary categories of care that we offer for our customers; reactive and preventative.

What is Reactive Tree Care?

Once a tree has fallen ill or has shown symptoms of a serious issue, the care provided is considered reactive. This is most often the case when there are trees on a property that don’t receive periodic maintenance or are in the later stages of life. In most cases, reactive care is highly invasive for the tree. Like humans, as trees age, they become set in their positions. Cracked limbs, weak main unions, heavy girdling roots, overgrown limbs, and other issues are considerably harder to correct. Care typically entails the removal of limbs and other significant parts of the tree. In severe cases, there may need to be a tree removal operation. You can find the best Tree Removal Services in Richmond Hill at Five Star Tree Care.

What is Preventative Tree Care?

Taking care of your trees before they get sick is considered preventative care. Taking care of your tress by properly pruning them, tending their roots and addressing any seasonal needs will keep them healthy. Regular tree maintenance results in care that are less invasive and pruning that only needs smaller cuts. This helps to encourage healthy growth and happy and long-lived trees. The most favorable time to create a maintenance schedule for your trees is within a year of their planting. Our well-trained arborists are able to identify any problems during their growth and address them before they become dire. This will help your trees establish a well-balanced canopy that will serve them throughout their lives. Taking care of problems before they happen is also cost-effective.

How Five Star Tree Services Arborists Can Help

Our arborists are true plant lovers at heart. We are dedicated to offering each of our valued clients the most efficient services possible. All of our visits are handled efficiently and with the utmost care for nature. If you need help taking care of your trees, we are always here to help. Give us a call at (416) 990–3355 to set up an appointment for an evaluation or to discuss any tree services today.

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