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Benefits of LED Lighting in Southwest Florida


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Contact:Bob Steele
City:Fort Myers, FL


Light is so precious in so many ways. It gives an extraordinary positive vibe that lightens our mood. Light has so many uses and it can be a perfect addition to your lawn and garden! Landscape lighting is a great feature which is not only beneficial in terms of safety and security but is also aesthetic and can be customized to complement your lifestyle.

In Southwest Florida, LED is a greener alternative for your landscape lighting. You can get quality LED lighting at Lanai Lights! It was advanced by Bob Steele last 2006. Here are five good reasons to try it for yourself.

1. Lanai Lights is PERFECTLY MADE for outdoor use, and is safe and heavy-duty.

2. It is SATISFACTORY. Its more than 3,000 customers and more than 40,000 lights installed worldwide are proofs that the products and services offered will bring everyone satisfaction, comfort and ease. Our customers are increasing day by day because our services are competent and reasonable. 

3. This outdoor LED lighting in Florida is ENERGY-EFFICIENT AND CAN BE USED ANYWHERE – your home, apartment, garden area, business, and more. Name it, we can do the magic for you.

4. It is SEA TURTLE-FRIENDLY. The turtle-friendly lighting experts at Lanai Lights understand and comply with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Imperiled Species Management section, while delivering attractive and functional custom landscape lighting.

5. The outdoor landscape lighting kits have UNIQUE AND CUSTOM OUTDOOR LIGHTNING INSTALLATIONS that will provide attractive illumination for both safety and usefulness at night.

Also, the lights will not hurt the eye. They're not just physically marvelous, and we have the following health beneficial colors:

1. White. It is bright, clean and elegant.

2. Blue. It's believed and proven that some blue light exposure is essential for good health. Research has shown that high-energy visible light boosts alertness, helps memory and cognitive function, and elevates mood.

3. Green. It is effective in curing depression symptoms caused by exposure to white light and is more effective than red light, according to a study published in 1991 in the American Journal of Psychiatry.

White, blue or green are beautiful accents for your landscape and walkways.

4. Red. It is a warm color linked to the kidneys, backbone, and sense of smell. This color sustains physical or mental activity and is great for people who are exhausted.

5. Orange. Color professionals recognize that orange light up enthusiasm and stamina, and it's also the color of our sacral chakra, which stimulates energy, compassion, grounded intuition, emotional stability and a zest for life. 

Red and orange are FWC-approved, wildlife-friendly LED colors to enhance your waterfront homes, dock areas, and beach pathways all year round.


What our customers are saying? Take it from Nancy and Jon Sutter:

"We recently had Lanai Lights installed on our new pool patio. We can't get over how much the lighting enhances the overall beauty of our outdoor deck and pool, even though we have gorgeous pool lighting! The entire space looks beautiful, due to the Lanai Lights installed on the pool screen. Our entire experience, from the beginning to the installation, was nothing short of professional and pleasant. We couldn't be happier."

You should try our services NOW to avail the quality products and services at a very reasonable price! We will exceed your expectations. Get fantastic, custom outdoor lighting solutions from Lanai Lights today! Spice up your outdoor living with exciting LED lighting that is also energy-efficient and sea turtle-friendly.
Get you phone and contact us at 877-818-8445 / 239-415-2561 or visit our website at

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