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Why Tree Pruning Should Be Left to an Arborist


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As a homeowner, you are already aware that expenses can pop up at any time. Between problems like broken appliances, gardening, and cleaning, taking care of your property can be a challenge. Trying to do everything by yourself may save you money, but when it comes to your trees pruning should be left up to the professionals. Aside from the danger involved with trimming the trees around your home, the health of your trees must also be considered. The arborists at Five Star Tree Services want you to know the important reasons to hire a professional for your pruning project.

Novice Pruning Can Harm Your Trees

Trees are as different from each other as I am from you. Each type of tree needs special care when it comes to pruning and maintenance. Any tree that features broken limbs, disease or other damage can present a safety hazard not only for your property but also for the tree itself. Novice pruning can often harm a tree more than it helps. A professional arborist prunes your tree in a way that reduces the damage or disease without injuring the tree or spreading any infection. Dead or unwanted limbs are also cut in a way that encourages growth and airflow in the canopy.

Tree Pruning Can Be Dangerous

It may appear that cutting off a few limbs is simple with your functional saw, but without the proper training, pruning can be dangerous...

Want to know the other reasons why tree pruning on your own is never recommended? Visit our blog post today for more information!

Tree Pruning in Richmond Hill and the GTA

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