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How to Spot Dead Trees in Your Yard


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There are times when spotting a dead tree is easy. A good way to tell is when a tree doesn’t have any leaves during the summer months and it has little or no colour. There are some other trees that are harder to identify as dead. This is due the fact that they take longer to display the signs of being dead. Many times, there are homeowners who have no idea that their tree is dead. This doesn’t help to understand the cause of death once they are able to identify the dead tree. We have a few tips to help you learn how to check to see if a tree is dead in your yard or not. If you do identify a dead or dying tree, it is important to contact a specialist to come over to evaluate your situation.  

Symptoms of a Sick Tree 

Before taking any action, you will need to identify any symptoms that indicate your tree is dying, in distress, or dead already. There are going to be more obvious symptoms and some that are not so obvious and will require a close look and some investigation. 

Dead Tree Trunk Symptoms 

The root strength is derived from the trunk of the tree. There are very serious problems happening if you can see them reflected in the tree trunk. If a tree is suffering from a very serious disease or is already dead, you will see the trunk splitting. Looking or problems in the trunk is a good way to know if the problem has already spread to the rest of the tree.  

Knowing how to spot problems with your trees are a good way to help them before it's too late. Being able to spot a dead tree is also a good skill to have. If you find a dead tree on your property, you need to have it removed before it falls down on its own. If you live in the Toronto area, contact our Toronto Tree Care team to come and help you with all your tree needs! We offer many different tree services. Check out our website to learn more or give us a call today!  

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