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Ad number:#317531617
Contact:Micheal Raleigh
City:Peoria, Illinois


Are you able to walk up to undevelopend land. Make everything happen.  Completely till doors open for clients.  then follow through with more? 


Start with one location.  then move on to next.  your area will be your baby.   strong motivation and confidence is a must.  not a slacker position.  don't even try it  (This is a contractual employment. with partnership percentage earnings. All breach of contract will be fully enforced.  Time is money. The money and time we spend together will be a worthy investment. For both all of us.)


  The Guidelines for Your operation will come with hands on Training.  Time required. Travel to School required. Fifteen year contract REQUIRED


Contact Mr. Raleigh   Please send simple text to 309-255-7943    Initial contact text    director job.... First last name..... your choice of area to spend fifteen years.  

via e-mail  Do not add anymore info or resume at this time.  just same as text.  director job  


Mr Raleigh is the only one that hires for this position.  after a series of questions. depending on your answers.    


for example.  to aquire this position you will have to and be required to Love kids, teenagers too. (They can be a hand full.)  Respect elders, and give special needs clients the extra attention they deserve.  This business will have clients of all ages and cultures.

Pleasant smile would be helpful. Yet, a strong mind is required.  

Must be willing to work when sick, in the hospital, flying in airplane going through a hurriacaine.  Must be willing to work even when the blizzard snows you in for a week. (Your child is in a nut ward. your granma is in chemo. father-in-law just ran his foot over with neighbor's tractor that he stole. the president is landing on Jupitor because he can. And there is a two week monsoon. four month forest fire. and life is an adventure.)  YET...  your working.  And life is just fine for your clients, employees, family, and you are able to be the backbone that can bail your father-in-law out of the hospital of all places. 

Ok all joking aside.   God Bless you and your family.  Hope and pray you have a great life.  




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