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Ad number:#407463041
Contact:Audree H.
Compensation:10.50/ hour


We are now hiring the following positions (Full-time/Part-time) for our new store in Frisco TX. We provide on the job and safety training to our employees; moreover, we offer group health insurance, company matched 401(k) program and other benefits to our eligible employees.

Grocery Department: Stock, organize and display merchandises, ensure grocery sections are well-stocked; inspect product expiration date; update and track inventory; assist with P.I., receiving, stocking, filling and rotating merchandises; provide outstanding customer service

Meat Department: Receive poultry products, organize and rotate product inside the walk-in freezer and cooler; Assist with monthly P.I.; Pack and price tag products; May need to operate band saw, meat grinder, meat slicer, knives, packaging machine and other tools (Company will provide essential operating and safety training) to process meat department products; Maintain clean and sanitize work environment

Seafood Department: Receive seafood products, organize and rotate product inside the walk-in freezer and cooler. Display seafood products, clean fish tank, and check water quality periodically; Assist with monthly P.I. Assist customers to pick, clean, fillet, or fry/steam seafood products; pack and price tag products; operate knives, packaging machine and other tools to process seafood products; Maintain clean and sanitize work environment


Produce Department: Receive produce products, organize and rotate product inside the cooler; Operate knives and packaging machines to cut, trim, wrap, and pack vegetable and fruit products; Stock, organize, and display products onto the shelves and display island; Maintain clean and sanitize work environment

Cashier Department: Greet guests, answer inquiries, bag groceries, scan items; receive different forms of payment including cash, check, credit/debit card, voucher, food stamps, etc.; issue receipts, refunds, credits, or merchandise exchanges

General Helper: Maintain clean and sanitize store shopping environment (break room, rest room and shopping area, etc.); collect shopping carts and put back to shopping cart corrals; help bag customer's groceries

Bakery Department: Mix and bake ingredients to produce breads, rolls, cookies, cakes, and other baked products; check product quality and identify damaged or expired unit; help customer check-out

Hot Deli Department: Cooking including stir-fry, dim sum, congee and noodles, and Chinese BBQ; help out kitchen operations; help customer check-out

- Able to periodically stand for long periods of time; able to carry and lift up objects over 25 Ibs.

- Bilingual in Chinese/English or English/Spanish is a plus

- Have “Food Handlers Card” or willing to obtain one

- Available to work flexible schedules (night shifts, weekends & holidays)

- Non U.S. citizen applicants must have legal work permit

We Offer:
- Paid Sick Leave

- Medical/Prescription

- Dental Insurance*

- Life Insurance*

- Paid Vacation*

- 401(K)/+company contribution

- Employee Discount

*Eligibility requirements apply

Pay Rate:$10.50/hour

How to apply:

Walk in Apply @9292 Warren Parkway, Suite #200, Frisco, TX 75035

E-mail apply: indicate what position you are applying for in Subject.

Please call the store for details: 469-970-8899

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