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I want to reach out to you if you will be interested in working for me. As a businessman and a Human resources officer, I look after the resources and businesses for my colleagues and business partner who are always busy people. I am also a busy type and it is the reason why I'm taking this opportunity to look for a gentle, nice and trustworthy person to work as my personal assistant since I am presently not at home in US being that I am supervising a contract I have in Mexico. I am not expecting much job done from you but only to help me do some simple tasks which I wasn't able to do as expected to offer the best services for my business partners and clients. The tasks will be that I may need you to finish a simple errand like you help make a phone call, purchases, receive mails,fill the labours's worksheet send mails and or send a reminder and stuff like that. I guarantee you a pleasure doing this with me as you do not have any obligation aside being steady online and available to receive my messages either through emails or telephone or texts. I have a full commitment to work for the next 6 months here in Mexico and this does not mean I may not take an impromptu travel back to US or anywhere else when necessary but I choose to take this step to help me keep my current clients and still offer the best service even though I am not presently in the US. By so doing, there won't be a change in our usual business activity. Right now, I do not know if you are currently working or not and if so, you can still do my job as a part time basis since you do not have much obligation to do. You do not have to leave your present location and you can do any of my task whenever it is convenient for you to do during the day and you will be informed of such task upfront. I am willing to offer you a good salary and will pay you your first salary upfront. I will like to discuss with you your best offer to receive as salary and we can reach a compromise henceforth. Above all, I want someone that is open for the job immediately. Get back in touch if you are interested. Regards,

Anthony Nicholas

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