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** Property Manager & Secretary**


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Ad number:#289599924
City:South To Southeast Suburbs Of Chicago & NWI


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** Property Manager & Secretary**

Investments in Residential Real Estate

I’m a successful later 50’s Caucasian businessman owner of multiple residential properties in Illinois. This is a newly created opportunity with endless rewards.

Real Estate & Restaurants.

• Buying, selling, rehab, renting, dealing with daily maintenance, outsourcing work orders, Preventative maintenance ( PM), emergencies to name a few of my daily responsibilities . Property management experience helpful, will train the right candidate to help me in the daily operations of multiple residential properties throughout Illinois now and domestically in the future.

• You will assist me in all aspects of the restaurant, banquet, entertainment & bar business throughout the country.

• Multi-Family and Single Family Property Management Experience helpful
• Some Restaurant / Bar / Banquet / Entertainment Experience helpful
• Able to work closely with tenants, contractors and owner.
• Consistent positive energy, strong work ethic and positive solution driven attitude.
• Professional and Pleasant communication skills.
• Self-managed and highly organized.
• Your open minded
• Good disposition
• This year relocate if not already reside in south suburbs of Chicago, NO COST TO YOU
• Interpersonal and organizational skills required.
• Arm Candy
• Sex Sells philosophy Dress code (photos attached)

• Maintain detailed and accurate property files and records.
• Residents Relations
• Property Relations
• Property and Unit Inspections
• Oversee the management of the property including Janitorial and Maintenance Services.
• Improve and Maintain services for Routine and Preventive maintenance.
• On call 24/7 for Emergencies ( Manager)
• Ability to exercise good judgment and self-control.
• Comfortable socializing at bars every day.
• Able to travel for both short and long durations ( Manager)
• Endless responsibilities.

You will be expected to be an achiever, aggressive, flirtatious my arm candy, to be successful in my growing business.

Do you want to have fun doing what’s called “work” with me every day? You know how to mix business with pleasure!

I’m creating this new career opportunity:

You will be representing me, my reputation and business in and out of the office. I’m focusing on a lot of growth domestically both in the restaurant industry & investments in residential property, sharing financial rewards and so much more with you!

Sign On Bonus:
$5,000, after completing my interview process I will hand you $5,000 in $100.00 bills

I am going to pay a generous salary of course negotiable including paid in full health benefits and many more perks!

Cover letter:

What I’m looking for from you in your reply an introduction about you why you are the best fit candidate really personalized, talk to me and show me your personality in how you fit here. Include your age, cell, personal email address, full length photos if you’re sincere and want me to consider you.


Attach your resume

Complimenting your resume:

A close up full length photo.

Free of responsibilities at home:

We will be spending a great deal of time together working and at social events in addition to travelling for short and long duration’s without time restraints this position is focused on a candidate free of responsibilities at home an available woman.

Phone Interview:
Plan to share an in-depth phone interview; afterwards we start your interview process. Remember to tell me what time of day is best to call you.

Interviewing today:
South Illinois (Oak Lawn to NWI to Hobart, Indiana). Interviews will be meeting at a bar for cocktail hour since I don’t have an office yet offering a relaxing , laid back atmosphere with cocktails to get acquainted. Actually I feel this works better allowing you to let your hair down, so to speak, relax with me!

Attach your cover letter, resume and photos . I’m starting this new adventure looking for one candidate, not being HR qualified. I plan to hire you and get you on board in a couple weeks. Feel free to add additional photos if you like to influence me, satisfy all my requirements to consider you I will call.

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