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The Quality and Data Management Coordinator is responsible to review and monitor, to educate Sweetser staff on and to consult on development of documentation practices and forms in order to ensure medical necessity and appropriate quality care are present and documented for all client services provided by Sweetser.  The position will also support the Senior Director in managing elements of agency risk and helping to ensure quality outcomes through case reviews of critical incidents and other risk management tasks as requested.


  • Conducts reviews of client charts and conducts sample checks of supervisors’ reviews of staff client charts to ensure that the qualitative elements of medical necessity, service planning and provision of clinical services are present and are properly performed and documented.

  • Helps develop and conduct trainings for newly hired staff on qualitative elements of clinical documentation practices and forms and conduct follow-up reviews of client charts of newly trained staff; assists to develop instructional materials and programs on qualitative elements of documentation; assists with other, related trainings for Sweetser staff as duties may permit.

  • Provides staff and supervisors with feedback on findings from client chart reviews.

  • As requested, participates in workgroups that relate to documentation practices and forms, which may include regular attendance at EHR workgroup sessions and occasional attendance at meetings of program directors.

  • Facilitates case reviews of and development of practice improvement plans for reported critical incidents.

  • Consults on development or revision of forms, practices and procedures for qualitative aspects of documentation and related reviews of client charts.

  • Provides periodic reports on the results of qualitative chart reviews to the Senior Director and, as requested, to program director or supervisors.

  • Supports the Senior Director in setting goals and developing policies relative to qualitative aspects of documentation forms and practices and relative to performance and results of qualitative reviews of client charts.

  • Maintains familiarity with licensing and accreditation standards applicable to qualitative aspects of documentation forms and practices.



Master’s degree in Social Work, Counseling, Education or related discipline is preferred. Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, Counseling, Education or related discipline with relevant experience is required. 



A valid driver’s license



Experience in providing services to adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities preferred.



  • Ability to review clinical charts and provide feedback to Sweetser staff in documenting qualitative aspects of clinical documentation.

  • Ability to utilize technology and master the EHR.

  • Ability to train Sweetser staff in qualitative aspects of documentation.

  • Ability to work effectively with multi-disciplinary teams and staff.

  • Ability to communicate process improvements to program supervisors.

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