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Responsibility for ensuring the delivery of the highest quality of services to clients experiencing psychiatric crises, for overseeing the day-to-day operation of the program, supervising program staff and for supporting the coordination and integration of available services and resources on behalf of clients in psychiatric crisis.

• Monday through Friday. Holidays and Weekends off.

• Oversees and coordinates day-to-day work of program staff to ensure responsiveness to client need.
• Coordinates recruitment and hiring of direct service staff with the program manager and human resources department.
• Provides orientation to new staff in accordance with orientation plan.
• Provides regularly scheduled and on the spot supervision to program staff and communicates supervision activities to program manager.
• Identifies and implements or arranges for needed staff development programs, in collaboration with program manager.
• Evaluate staff performance through direct observation of clinical practice and feedback from staff, clients and community providers and works with the staff to enhance overall performance.
• Develop and maintain staff scheduling to ensure appropriate staffing levels.
• Provides leadership and promotes positive solutions in staff clinical and administrative meetings.
• Ensures completion of all required clinical service documentation by clinical/direct care staff, including authorization requirements for insurance payments. Reviews clinical documentation with focus on accuracy, completeness, relevancy and overall quality.
• Collaborates flexibly and responsively with the area service network on behalf of clients in crisis to support smooth access to the program, coordinated service responses and client linkage with needed community resources.
• In collaboration with program Director, ensures that the program meets all organization and licensing standards, regulations and policies, including the posting and notification of client rights and grievance procedures information, the consistent adherence to client confidentiality standards and maintenance of safe program practices, including the consistent practice of universal precautions.
• In collaborations with the program Director, monitors the program budget to ensure budget targets are met; implements productivity expectations; develops annual program goals and objectives; and assists in maintaining up-to-date manual of program policies and procedures.
• Provides program supervision, education, clinical direction and support to staff to ensure the delivery of the highest quality of care, the maintenance of a safe and therapeutic service environment and the maintenance of client dignity and confidentiality in all service delivery.
• Provides oversight and coordination for clients using program services in order to facilitate a therapeutic resolution and direct service to program clients, as needed, including clinical assessment, service planning, and crisis stabilization planning for persons admitted to the crisis stabilization unit.

• Collaborates with the program Director and crisis stabilization unit (CSU) team leader to develop and implement mutually supportive protocols, service expectations and staff relationships between CSU and crisis services.
• Maintains up-to-date familiarity with crisis intervention and CSU service protocols and collaborates with and/or consults with crisis and CSU staff.
• Provides on-call supervision to crisis and CSU staff after hours during the week, and twenty-four (24) hours on weekends and holidays, in regular, scheduled rotation.

• Provide professional leadership to a multi-disciplinary team, collaborate and organize effectively, and understand and work with complex systems.
• Respond to clients, family and colleagues in a sensitive and respectful manner.
• Recognize signs of increasing clinical or situational risk and of escalating behavior and utilize de-escalation and safety implementation techniques effectively.
• Assess variables underlying stressful situations, discern methods to diffuse or contain them and quickly implement the most effective intervention.
• Apply current knowledge of the population’s needs, area resources and policy requirements to supervision and intervention while continually expanding clinical and resource knowledge base.
• Provide crisis evaluations and develop/implement short-term treatment plans that are creative and specific to client needs and promote health and growth with the goal of reintegration into the community.
• Establish and maintain effective working relationships with staff, peers and the community.
• Manage multi-task situations and conflicting demands, cope with stressful situations, prioritize projects and responsibilities, and meet critical deadlines.

• Master's degree in professional clinical discipline.

• Independent licensure - LCSW preferred, LCPC considered
• Valid state driver’s license at time of hire.

• Three (3) years post bachelor’s experience in a mental health setting, including experience working in crisis services required.
• Experience working with dual diagnoses (MH/SA) or substance abuse preferred.
• Post bachelor’s supervisory experience in a clinical setting required.

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