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Deciding between King and Queen mattress sizes


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Getting a good night's sleep is not only refreshing but also highly revitalizing. It is something everyone wishes to have. People with sleep problems like disturbed sleep or chronic insomnia need to use alternative methods like getting the right mattress.

When buying an optimum mattress, choosing the right material and size are the critical factors to consider. Latex and memory foam mattresses with inner spring are the best choice in terms of materials. Choosing the right size is also essential while deciding to buy single bed mattress online.

There are several sizes of mattresses available in the market. They depend on the number of people who use them at a time. The twin size or full size is adequate for single persons. However, when going for a wider mattress, several sizes can affect our ability to decide.

There are several considerations to make before deciding whether to go for a king, queen or buy single bed mattress online.

Here is some more information on both these types of mattresses to help you decide on buying the best mattress for back pain in India.

Queen size mattress

One thing to consider when switching from full size to queen size mattress is six inches of additional space horizontally and five inches of extra space in the vertical sleeping position. Although a minuscule upgrade, it will add a lot of space for people that feel a little squeezed in the mattress.

The dimensions of a standard queen size mattress are 60" by 80". Due to their spaciousness, the queen size mattresses make an ideal choice for couples or individuals who want the liberty of sleeping with spread limbs and so. Space also gives enough room for changing sleep positions.

Even if you plan to buy a queen size mattress online for your guest room, it is a choice you won't regret later. It can make your guests sleep comfortably. However, it can accommodate only two fully grown adults. People often get queen size mattresses for their old parents.

The queen-sized mattress is also a good choice for couples who don't have children and have a small bedroom. Any bigger bed will take away the bedroom space; it will also make the room clustered.

King size mattress

A standard king size mattress's dimensions are 76" by 80". Nevertheless, some brands may have some norms of their own. The king size mattress's extra size over the queen-size one will help the couples with extra space to move around on the bed, stretch during sleeping, stretch an elbow or knee out while sleeping.

Most couples with room space constraints buy single bed mattress online; however, those with a lack of space go with the king-size specifications due to the size's uncompromised spaciousness. Even families with a young kid usually find the king size mattress the most appealing choice.

Some families also like accommodating their beds to pets, namely cats and dogs. The three-person family is the most frequent buyers of the king-size mattress. However, one couple of families also choose the option and buy king size mattress online to start bigger families.

It is vital to ensure that the room has sufficient space, including the bed and some free area around it. Even if you have a guest room with adequate space, then using a king size mattress can be the best option; guests with a three-member family will find it spacious.

The Bottom Line

The queen size and king size mattresses differ in terms of the space they provide. The former is suitable only for couples, whereas the latter is suitable for couples who want extra space and for couples with a kid. We at Bianca Mattress, you can buy single bed mattress online of both these sizes.

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