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Live in Caregiver wanted. All living expenses paid


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Ad number:#673196883
Contact:Gina Walters
City:High Point, NC
Compensation:Decide at Interview


We are looking for a competent self-employed Live in Caregiver with your own health care insurance to care for our male client in a professional & compassionate manner. You will move in & all living expenses will be paid. Salary to be determined prior to job being offered / accepted by applicant. You will have your own private bedroom & private bathroom; share kitchen & living room in a nice place, in a safe fun area.

The ideal candidate will be patient, friendly with excellent communication skills. You must be strong as an elephant or an ox in order to lift my client when needed - however there is a medical lift available to assist if he falls and you must know how to use it. Help with day to day exercises, moving from the bed to a wheelchair, from wheelchair to the shower and with other movement help. You must have physical endurance. You should be able to perform a variety of tasks such as playing cards, reading out loud, watching television together and conversing. Playing chess is a bonus.

Caregiver responsibilities include: Assisting client with ambulation and mobility around the house or outside (doctor’s appointments, walks, etc.) Assisting client with bathing & clothing, personal care, changing diapers  if necessary, demonstrating good bedside manners

Additional responsibilities: Communicate with all doctors, dental, physical therapist, pharmacist. Help coordinate & transport client to all appointments. Keep the client neat and provide medication at the suitable times. Ensure safety & well being. Running errands, plan grocery list, go shopping, put all items away & prepare all meals

Perform housekeeping duties that clients can’t do on their own such as cleaning bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, loading, unloading dishwasher, putting dishes, glasses away, making coffee, doing all laundry, washing, changing bed sheets, comforter, taking trash out, getting mail, bills & anything else that needs to be done. Ordering/Stocking all medical needs (detailed log) Provide a calm and caring environment

·         Be a pleasant and supportive companion, have manners, polite, understanding.

·         Report any unusual incidents, Act quickly and responsibly in cases of emergency

Requirements: Must take drug test, criminal  & felony background check, credit check, be fingerprinted, have own car with excellent driving record, active driver’s license, car insurance, must have own cell phone. Must have NO arrests! Home care training is a plus. Proven experience as a caregiver - will check references.

·         Excellent knowledge of emergency response and first aid (CPR)

·         Observe the personality for any health or performance changes

·         Knowledge of housekeeping activities and cooking with attention to dietary constraints

·         Willingness to adhere to health and safety standards

·         Respectful, kind, show empathy, have a great sense of humor, funny, great personality

·         Good time management skills, excellent multi tasking skills required, dependable

·         Outstanding communication and interpersonal skills, excellent decision-making skills

·         Strong ethics, responsible, reliable, honest and trust worthy, good at following directions

·         High school diploma or equivalent, college, nursing degree

·         May be good for retired nurse or anyone in the medical field. Send resume & phone #

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