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Ad number:#968651011
Contact:Linda LaFevers
City:Oklahoma City, OK
Compensation:Up to $33,000/yr


Come join the staff at The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) and become a part of Oklahoma's premier research university. The OUHSC campus in Oklahoma City has an opening for a full-time Laboratory Technician in the laboratory of Dr. Jolyn Fernandes.

We are seeking a highly motivated and organized individual to join a collaborative and multidisciplinary team of scientists focused on newborn health and disease research. The candidate will conduct research experiments, collect data and samples, keep records, maintain lab organization, conduct literature searches, analyze data, and prepare reports. The candidate will utilize and document cell & molecular approaches to generate and analyze data, as well as perform other related duties, tasks and responsibilities as required or assigned. Familiarity with Windows Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is required. Rodent handling and cell culture experience preferred.

Representative duties:

  1. Technical Research: Conducts research and laboratory analysis to include but not limited to measure and weigh compounds and solutions, isolate, identify and prepare specimens, and collect samples and other research data. Specific types of research techniques may include: mice and human cell culture, rodent models, molecular and biochemical assays (e.g. qRT-PCR, enzyme assays), Western blotting, immunohistochemistry, and microscopy. Performs tests and treatments on mice, including handling, breeding, and genotyping of mice, and assistance with mouse dissections.
  2. Data Collection. Collects various forms of data pertaining to the research project or projects.
  3. Record Keeping. Keeps record of information obtained during research. May include a database of information, hard files, etc.
  4. Lab Organization. Maintains lab databases, stock solutions, and assists with ordering and receiving of lab materials.
  5. Literature Research. Conducts literature searches related to ongoing projects in the lab.
  6. Data Analysis. Conducts research data analyses and discusses with Principal Investigator.
  7. Report Preparation. Prepares reports concerning the progress of the project and presents findings to the Principal Investigator.
  8. Administrative Assistance. Provides administrative assistance by answering phones, running miscellaneous errands, etc.
  9. As Needed. Performs various dues as needed to successfully fulfill the function of the position.

Required Attachments: Resume

Requirements: Associate's Degree in a Biological Science, Chemistry, or Physical Science or related field.

Salary: Up to $33,000 annually based on experience

How do you apply for this position? It's EASY!!!
All applications are online at (then apply for job listing/requisition # 214085)

OUHSC offers a comprehensive package to full-time staff employees:
Medical/Dental Benefits
11 PAID HOLIDAYS per year
Tuition benefits
18 hours PAID LEAVE per month to full-time staff
Employee Discount Program (dozens of businesses participate across the OKC/Norman area)


The University of Oklahoma is an Equal Opportunity Institution. Protected veterans and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

The University of Oklahoma complies with the Federal COVID-19 vaccine requirement for all employees. All current and future employees must provide proof of full vaccination or request an accommodation for exemption from the Federal requirement. For detailed information regarding this requirement, visit

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