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City:Liberty Hill


I’m a straight white male, I’m looking to explore my submissive side completely.I’m looking for another straight white male that can be dominant with me in helping me explore this. I have never done anything like this before. Please don’t try to be what you think a dominant is if you have never been in the BDSM lifestyle. I’ve been in the lifestyle all my adult life my role has always been as a dominant/Master do I’ll know you are a fake it’s better to just be truthful and let me walk you through what is needed. I just can’t see how having some domme make me suck or fuck me with her strap on can be any fun I’d rather if I’m going to do this have the real thing. 

I want to see a photo of your cock but that’s all. I don’t want to see you naked in a photo or in person just what’s needed to accomplish what I want I don’t need to see a face photo because frankly I don’t care this has nothing to do with anything thing than sex which means you are going to have to be completely comfortable in you skin and sexuality. 

You will take control guide me in sucking your cock the way you want for ad long as you want before filling my mouth with cum and making me swallow it then have me get you hard again and have you bend me over and fuck my ass.

I don’t what to see you naked just you cock and balls, I’m not going to get naked except to expose my ass to you when you are ready to fuck it. This is not going to be quick it will take several hours so you will have to be able to host or get us a room so we have a comfortable private safe place to play

You will be a white male, straight, cut, and this will be your first time have sex with another man.

If interested text me at 512-991-4102 

Don’t waste my time be ready to meet and do this

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