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Hi, I would like to act out a fantasy. I can’t host, so it would have to be at your place or a hotel.

Anyway, here is the scenario:
I come to you to rub my sore muscles (can’t say the M word because I think that gets you flagged here for some reason). While you’re rubbing my back and shoulders - I’m on my stomach - you start to take peeks under the towel. I am totally oblivious at first. You tell me it’s really hot in here and ask if you can take your shirt off. I say yeah I guess so. I’m a very nervous and shy person. I don’t say much. 

You take off your shirt and you start to rub my legs and butt. the towel is not even really covering me anymore. You’re looking at me. I don’t say anything because I’m a wimp and afraid of confrontation. You realize you’re able to get away with a lot because I’m such a wimp, so you start to rub your hands under me, accidentally feeling my manhood a few times and getting more bold each time. 

I ask what you’re doing send you tell me just relax everything is fine, lift your hips up when I rub under you. I don’t say anything more because I’m scared and I do as you say. You notice this and after a while remove the rest of your clothing. I don’t see anything but ask you what you’re doing because I can hear it. You say nothing, it’s just really hot in here, Just relax and don’t say anything else and everything will be fine. 

You sit on my legs, resting your manhood on my butt while rubbing my shoulders. I don’t say anything anymore because I’m scared. I feel you spreading my butt cheeks and putting yourself between them and rubbing it there. I hear you breathing heavy as you’re getting harder. I can feel it between my cheeks pushing on my hole. 

I hear crinkling of a wrapper behind me. I think to myself oh my god is he putting a condom on? What is he going to do? But I don’t say anything because I’m a wimp. 

You tell me to relax and that you will be very gentle and go very slowly. You say as long as I don’t fight it, everything will be fine. I try to protest but you tell me to shut up and you hold me down. Maybe even cover my mouth. 

But you are very gentle and very slow the whole time. It’s preferable if you’re not very big - this will be my first time with that. 

Can you do this with me?

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