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Los Angeles: Long Beach

Asian CD Submissive needs bondage Master


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City:Long Beach


Hi there. Mi name is Mimi. I am Japanese 5 foot 7 and I am a CD Crossdresser. I am 25yo. 

i love to wear pantyhose, stockings, short shorts, pink micro skirts, pink top, slutty stripper pleaser heels, choker collar , makeup, red lipstick and have my hair in pigtails. I have natural long hair and no need for a wig. 

I am looking for a man with experience, must have big cock. Any age over 35 and under 60. 

I am looking for someone who can fulfill my sexual desires. And I am also looking for some one who I can fulfill their sexual desires. I love to give a long blow job to a big hard cock, multiple times ;). Especially while tied up and in bondage. 

I also love to wear slutty school girl outfit and stripper heels and be tied up and gagged and under control of a master who doesn't want to let me go and wants to keep me tied up and used as a sex doll all night long. I also don't mind having multiple men use me and punish me ;) 


I am looking for a master who can host and have bondage equipment and possibly a dungeon/playroom to play in. I want a master who can be rough and gentle at the same time. I want to be a submissive sex doll/slaave who has no control and has to be tied up and left in the dungeon waiting for her master to come back and use me and make suck and give good blow job in order to have any type of freedom or needs. I have experience being tied up for multiple hours and sleeping while in bondage and being woken up just to figure out I'm still a tied up school girl whore wearing stripper heels and forced to suck a cock and then just to find out that after I give good head, I will be strapped back down on the floor or bed and forced to sleep tied up again. I want a master who can make me his sex slaave and pet. I want to be a tied up stripper school girl wearing the skankiest outfit tied to a pole or chained to the corner of the room like an obedient pet dog with no release. And I want to be a slaave sex pet tied and chained to the corner for multiple days. You can even cuff my heels together so my stripper heels are forced to stay on at all times and I won't be able to take them off. Forced to stay in a cage or in the dungeon with nothing to do, only tied up tightly waiting while this tied up stripper school girl in pantyhose and cutout denim short shorts and micro skirt hugs my tight ass leaving me humiliated and truly a bound slut with no freedom. Only waiting for her master to come in and force her to suck his long cock and pleasure him. And if I don't do a good job, I must be punished, spanked, tickled. Let's say I fail to make my master cum, and my blow job isn't the best for the moment, then my master will get the gag and gag me so I can not scream and yell and talk. Then start spanking me and punishing me. And tells me that I must stay tied up for another 6 hours because I failed to give him the best blow job. And during the time period from time to time, my master comes into the dungeon to check up on me and make me beg to give him a better blow job. ;)



send me an email with your pics. And I can send pics to and we can exchange numbers and meet up ;)

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