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City:Tigard/ Beaverton/ SW PDX


I’m a 23 year old single latino male. Am a discrete, 205 pound,  5’9 ish, hairy on some areas, fair light tan, decent smile :) (good lips as I've been told lol)

Looking for good company with the right guy and something longterm as in developing a friendship that can potentially turn into a long term relationship. I am not active sexually since I like to be monogamous and clean from any diseases. Not in a rush per say since good things come to those who wait and are patient. 
Overall easygoing, genuine, well spoken, and always looking to seek something new. Good intentions too. Been considered mature for my age so it would be nice to meet like minded individuals. Am a lover and caring person to close loved ones. Interests include outdoors, driving, sponatenous adventures, coffee, drinks (socially), indoor activities like cooking, watching a movie/tv show, video games (from time to time), working out, and trying a new hobby. Hopefully someone would like to share common hobbies with me or introduce me to new ones.  

As far as males, I would prefer if older. Although it may not matter if mid age, older, around my age, tall, short, slim, large, etc. Don’t mind older at all. Older always a +++. Just be real and be yourself. That’s just the fun thing about finding genuine people who will be themselves around you. 

Like mentioned, I am looking for beyond just good company. Sure, a hangout would be nice, a new friend, or a get together would be nice as well. Intimacy part will come as I get to know you. If you must know, I am a bottom if it gets there. Into a little bit of everything just nothing freaky! Hiv neg and ddf! Safe!

Been wanting to experience something genuine, love with someone for a while now. For me, it’s someone who I can share with, be myself with, and journey with! Life is short. Comfortness is key and always willing to do things the right way.  

Maybe there’s someone out there like minded and thinking the same way. Feeling the same way. Will wait willingly. 
Maybe I’m wrong for looking here but never hurts to try. It all starts with a hey and or reply :) 
Hope to hear a reply. If you reply, tell me a bit about yourself. It be nice to hear common interests and or who I’m chatting with.

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