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I'm  62 years old and have never had a sexual encounter with another man..Yesterday I was on a dating site talking to a  woman. I asked her what cum tasted like. She claimed she didn't know and suggested I try it. I knew I couldn't so she suggested that I cum in a pill bottle. I did; but I was embarrased by it. so I threw it in the trash. A couple of hours later I was talking to her again. She asked me if I did what she told me to do. I told her I did but I threw it  in the trash. She told me to get it now and swallow my load. It had been a couple of hours and her demanding that I swallow my load made me horny as hell. I told her I was afraid because I didnt want to have homosexual thoughts. I emptied the load into my mouth. So now I am telling a woman what cum tastes like to me. The thought of this totally turned me on. This morning after partying all night I had an unsatisfiable urge to suck a cock and swallow. I even drove into the city and asked men on the street if I could suck their cock. If anyone had been willing I knew I could give them the best head they ever had. I wanted to look up at them admiringly as they thobbed in my mouth. Oh my god what is wrong with me. in my lifetime I never had homosexual thoughts: but now I need  a man for a lover more than anything. I want to suck his dick and make him feel great. I even imagine him fucking me hard. I know we would both love it. It's unbelievable to me that swallowing my cum would bring out this feelings..I know once I swallow another mans cum there will be no going back. I know I will be gay from then on. I know I will fall ibn love with the person that brings me out. I am a handsome 62 year old. I need someone that"s willing to take me by the hand and let me know that is ok to have these feelings because to be honest I am scared.

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