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I’m looking for an older woman who is seeking a discreet lover for companionship and physical intimacy


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I come home and find a wonderful message from you in my in-box.  You tell me that you saw my ad for a No Strings “Friends with Benefits” relationship with an older woman who desires companionship and physical intimacy.  You go on to say that the ad spoke to you and that you had to write to me because that ad described you completely.  You tell me about yourself and send a picture.

I reply that you sound like just the woman I am looking for and tell you about myself.  I suggest that we meet for coffee so we can talk face to face and see if we are a good match.  You agree and we set a date.  The minute we see each other and start talking we know that we want to make love.  We get a room and as soon as the door is closed we are embracing, kissing and fondling each other’s bodies.  We are totally turned on and we start to undress each other getting hotter and hotter.  I start to kiss and suck your beautiful breasts getting your nipples hard and erect then I move down kissing and stroking your belly until my head is nestled in your soft inviting crotch where I inhale the delightful sweet and musky aroma of your vagina.  Then I start to lick your clit while I enjoy the silky feel of your body.  I keep licking and sucking until you explode in an intense ORGASM.  After we make love we lay side by side talking and enjoying each other’s company.  When we finally part we both want to meet again soon.

I know that there must be someone who will read this and respond.  Up front I am white, 70 and married.  I'm looking for an ongoing, discreet relationship.  I am a non-smoker so I would prefer a non-smoker; however, smoking is not an automatic deal-breaker.  Who you are inside is important; NOT how you look.  It’s a big plus if you have a hairy vagina and/or large breasts.

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