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I have another ad, where 3 or 4 replies, were amazing responses. They were well written emails and I definitely thought had potential matching what I'm looking for. I then sent a nice message in return and I have not heard back. Did they give me the wrong email address to contact them? Was my message sent to their spam/junk folder? If you are truly interested in conversing, please make sure your email address is written correctly. Also check your spam folder in case my response ends up there for some reason. Don't be afraid to send more than 1 email either, because I will respond to ALL replies with actual thought and content. 5 words to a sentence most likely will not get a reply from me.

Now, on to what I'm searching for. I'm searching for an intelligent, attractive, decently fit to athletic female friend. Maybe you are in a similar situation and feel unappreciated and lonely. You would enjoy conversing and having intelligent conversations with someone. Conversation can cover a broad range of topics and about anything we think about. You should be within 120 miles or so of New Johnsonville, TN. This is only if a mutual feeling to meet became to be. You should be eager for endless emails and for each opportunity we have to send or receive a message. You can be single or married but bring no drama. You want a "no-strings situation", except that we are courteous and respectful to each other. We can also chat about other things not written here as well.

Now, a little about me. I am an intelligent, attractive, athletic, semi muscular, funny, sarcastic, sensual, attentive, lonely, married white male. I will be discreet as I'm not looking to change status due to family reasons. Conversation is my only expectation although I wouldn't deny desiring amazing toe curling, heart pounding intimacy with someone special. I am interested in the friendship, chemistry, and connection. I feel as if I have been searching for a unicorn I think is out there but I can not seem to find. I am searching for ONE friend and will search no further if we find each other.

Reply if this is something you have searched for too. You've read this far so I must have piqued your interest. Hope to hear from you.

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