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Sensual Massage for you (no sex)


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Ad number:#449320173
Contact:R. John
City:Greensboro, NC


Perceptions of sensuality and lust are located here, but these "intimate" areas are an important source of joy in life. During this massage, you will be completely pampered, giving you a feeling of comfort and sense of well-being. If you are bold enough to pursue this quest, you will learn to receive pleasure without feeling compelled to give anything back. You will experience a wider gamut of sensations, from gently soothing to firm and strong as you desire. This massage is different from any other physical experience because in this you are only to receive without the pressure of ever to give back.

We will begin with a slow, relaxing massage - starting with your neck, then to your shoulders. This will help you relax, place you in that right frame of mind, and make you comfortable to my touch. I will spend about 20-25 minutes massaging your upper and lower back and working out all the knots and kinks in the process, Then, I go around your butt and your thighs. I will then slowly caresses and kneads all the major muscles in your legs, calves and thighs, with long continuous flowing strokes. All your inhibition and reservation slowly disappears, generating a heighten sense of stimulation, you will find yourself fighting the urge to let go, not realizing that you are already gyrating into my every massage stroke. I will spend about 45 minutes giving a thorough deep-tissue massage to the upper part of your body. Then I will start massage your feet, calves, and thighs. This will take another 20-25 minutes. This part of the 

massage will help you get comfortable to my touch and relax. I separate your legs a little and move my hands up towards your sweet spot and continue to caress your thighs. You get tingly wanting me to touch your sweet spot but I won't. I get real close to where you want me to be. Teasing you more. Then I head further down your legs.
You're shuddering with anticipation now and I turn you around slowly. Massage your breasts all around completely skipping your nipples. I run my hands slowly down your belly. I go around your sweet spot and then on to your thighs. Then I spread your legs a little and start massaging your breasts and this time playing with your nipples. You're getting wetter with anticipation.
During this whole process, I will not take off my pants. Because this massage is about you, your pleasure and your relaxation. I just love giving massages. 

I have a portable massage table that I can bring with me.

Please don't ask for my picture, unless you send me yours first.I am not a bad-looking man.I stand 5'10" tall and weigh 187 lbs. I am in good shape. I live in Greensboro but I don’t mind traveling to Raleigh or Charlotte area.

Please respond in case you are intrigued. I can host or come to you. 


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