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Woman, you do know I'm your needle in the haystack, right?!


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What other guy here can offer you up as much nastiness as me. I'm your go to guy. You come here for me to see what erotic concoction I've put together for you day after day. I promise never to let you down in how I present your eyes with the most raunchy mess.

Do you have a wet pussy that is on fire right now that needs to be extinguished and taken care of?

Well, my mouth is just the right guy for the job. He's a rambling mess. Let me come to you this morning. I have a wicked, sadistic mouth. I know you wanna know what my tongue feels like pillaging your pussy and anal quarters.

I'll tell you this: my mouth isn't for the faint at heart. My oral anatomy is vile and unapologetic. Once you're in the holding cell with my devious tongue, you never know what you're going to get. A nice swipe of the tongue against your asshole may be the order of the day to start things off.

Or, you might just get a couple of disgusting hoists to your pussy region. You'll never know what my mouth will present your undercarriage with, and that's how I aim to keep it. You guessing about how my mouth works on your pussy and ass is a sensual offer.

I'm sinister, too; and, you know this: WOMAN. How else can you explain my mouth barreling through your pussy and ass field like a beast leaving a wake of saliva and activating your juices?

I'm here for you as much as I've ever been. I'm here to disarm you of your inhibitions and coerce you into always stumbling into my tongue's thirst traps. I know, it's not fair that I create timeless pieces to hypnotize your wet watt and slit. But, you need me just as much as I crave you. I need my mouth latched on to your underside like some pussy leech.

I need to taste your ass indiscriminately day or night. I'm a savage beast with no manners or social skills. I exist only to lay ruin to your esteemed pussy and ass. Remember now, I'm never going to have to explain or defend my promiscuous ways. I just am what I am!

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