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Please note that I have never and will never pay for anything sexual so if you are looking to get money from me or scam me in some way you won't have any luck so please move on. 

Hello thank you for stopping to read. I know this is a rare kink and seems odd to some so I’ll start this off by explaining why I’m looking for a woman with a bathroom mindset. All my life I’ve been a very intimate person and have enjoyed spending time in the bedroom exploring everything kinky and enjoyable. A fair amount of my past girlfriends have been into butt play as well as /s&m and bondage among other things to I’ve had the opportunity to try a number of different kinks. The idea of the pain side of things as well as name calling and so on seemed to go against the grain for me as I could never feel comfortable calling names and giving pain to the partner I’m supposed to be pleasuring. Butt play seemed to be something I enjoyed very much and that I’m good at and throughout the past I had a few dirty ideas cross my mind so I put an add on  with some bathroom ideas and I eventually ended up meeting a woman that was actually into it and loved the idea of being licked clean,she called it “clean-ups”. Even tho we didn’t get overly messy with it, It was some of the most amazing,memorable and enjoyable fun I’ve ever had and it also showed me how personal and private we consider “bathroom time” and being open about it and enjoying it with someone is a whole different level of sexual. We only got to play 3 times before she ended up having to move and we got separated. Now after a few years here I am again searching, praying for a woman with a dirty bathroom mindset so we can get to know each others messy wants and explore our ideas. If this sounds like something you’re interested in or have secret ideas about message me here or email tptongue4women@ dot com and we can chat. For the one woman of who I connect with I have lots of pictures to share but won’t post the publicly due to the context. 

For full disclosure I am not single atm,I am at the end of a bad relationship and if we hit it off and get to know each other I will tell you why I am where I am.

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