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Mwm for female chat and friendship(75miles around Lyles, Tn)


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Ad number:#637035293
City:Lyles, Tn


Please read this ad completely and reply if it fits you ladies.

I am missing real friendship with an attractive female. Real friendship where we can chat and talk about anything and everything. Something where we are both excited for the next opportunity to chat again, yet know we can not change our current situation. We talk about daily events, good times, bad times, sad times, things which upset us, exciting things, sensual things, mental and physical things, and nearly everything imaginable.

Things I would like from you....
One who is willing and able to communicate and carry on intellectual conversation. Converse during the weekday and some evenings and weekends.
Someone who may also be in a similar situation and missing/wanting these things too.
Someone within a distance close enough if meeting for coffee or a drink sometime in the future was wanted by both.
An attractive female who is in relatively nice to amazing shape. It would be disappointing for one not to be attracted to the other after communicating often and regularly.

What you can expect from me when answering this ad......
A male willing to put forth time and effort to have great conversations.
Conversation is my only expectation and you will know I am thinking about you when I reply.
A male NOT looking to just "meet and get it on".
One who helps you enjoy the good times throughout the day and also may cheer you up when you're down.
A real friend in which I will care how your day is going and also share mine.
An intelligent man, attractive, athletic, attentive, funny, creative, vivid imagination, and so much more.

When responding, please have some content and detail within your message. A couple words to 2 sentence replies may not even get answered by me. Be prepared to have actual conversation through email(at least to start). Occasional quick bantor, when time isn't permitted, is acceptable. This is a no-strings attached situation, except to be respectful to each other. I will not be rude and hope the same from you.

Thank you for reading. Have an amazing weekend!!

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