Men Seeking Women
in Nashville

If you're a lady please read(60 miles or less from Dickson, Tn)


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Hello and thanks for checking out my ad.

Where to start....... hmmmmmm lol

I'll start by saying I would want these 3 things from you and about you if/when you reply.

1. Be ready to actively and eagerly want to chat when there are a few spare minutes throughout the day. I'm talking real conversation as we get to know a little about each other. Conversation including daily events and also wide range of topics. Hopefully you are willing to type more than a couple words to two sentence replies. Looking to bring a little excitement and spice back.

2. Be attractive, and in decent shape. I consider myself attractive and have an athletic body. I only ask for attractiveness in the case of meeting in the future. What a waste of time and effort it would be finding one is not attracted to the other. I'm also not rushing into meeting and that would solely depend on the level of conversation and the connection we build.

3. Be within a decent distance of Dickson, Tn. Again, if we click, build chemistry, and friendship, we may both want to meet sometime. Vehicles make that possible but 2hrs away would not be feasible. Again, no rush to meet here.

A few details about me and why you may decide to answer this ad.

I am NOT trying to have sex with you. I am NOT asking for naked pics of you. I won't even ask for a pic(clothed) until several conversations and it seems we are beginning to have chemistry. I am NOT asking for personal information about you and only want general things as we get to know each other better and build some level of trust and comfort with one another. I am NOT making weird or disgusting requests and I will only be respectful.

I am a married white male. I'm not wanting any drama nor will I bring any. I'm not looking to change situations because of family. I also have my reasons for looking for an attractive female friend so don't judge until you know or have been there. I will definitely be somewhat mysterious and very discreet in the beginning but will share more as we continue.

I know that is a lot and you have read this far, you want something similar, and maybe my ad fits you. All that is left is for you to answer my ad. I will anxiously be waiting.

Have a great day.

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