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I Am Wanting the Right and Perfect Woman to be in My Life 4 Life


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Ad number:#986034186
Contact:Aaron Ruiz
City:Daytona Beach, FL


My Name is Aaron and i am Currently 29 Year's old and i'm Cuban, Puerto Rican and i am a Single Full - Time Stay at Home Hard Working Parent and Father to My Very Handsome and Smart and intelligent 2 Year's old Son Named Zechariah and i am Currently Separated from My Ex - Wife and from my Ex Baby Momma and i have been Legally Separated Given for 12 long months Since last march of last Year and i am on here because i am looking and i am also Searching for the Right and Perfect Woman that Will Really and Truly and also Very Seriously Would love me and also love my 2 Year old Son Zechariah and Will also Very Really and Honestly Care about the Both of Us because We are a Package Deal, and i Won't Place No Woman over my Son but i am Wanting The Right and Perfect Mother Type of Woman Figure to Come Walkin into My Son's life and Would love to Actually and also Would Very Seriously love to Get to Raise my Son With Me for the Rest of My Whole Entire Life Forever and always i am also looking and also Searching for The Right and Perfect Single Woman to Come also Walking into My Life and Would also love to become My Woman and My Princess, and My Queen and Would also Very actually and So Very Honestly and Truly Would Love to Marry Me and become My Wife for the Rest of my Whole Entire Life and would love to make Life Decisions for the Both of Us Forever and always and i am also Honestly and Truly, Very Deeply and also So Very Strongly am Wanting to have a Very Naughty and Kinky ass Woman in my Life Who loves to Fuck and Suck and who would love to Fulfill all my Naughty and Kinky Sexual Fantasies that i i might have in my Mind and i Want to have a Very Beautiful and Gorgeous, and Sexii and Hott Down to Earth Wifey Who Would love to attend and would also love to go with Me to Church On Every Given Sundays and also Would love to do Church Related Stuff Together as a Committed Church Couple and i am Wanting a Sexii and Hott Down to Earth Wifey that Will Really and hionestly love to get to know me and be with Me For the Rest of natural life and Would love to also Really and Very Seriously live Together here in Florida either in Daytona Beach, FL or Would either love to Really and Seriously would love to live Together Over in Lakeland, FL Or either Up in the Tampa Area Together as a Married Couple Together and Would love to Really and also Very Seriously Would love to actually Build a Real Life With Both Me and My Son and Would also Never abandon Us Both and Would do anything in this World for The Both of Us for Real Very Damn Seriously and before i Forget i do have Hnagouts Messenger and i do have Kik Messenger and i do also have Skype and i also Do Love to Text i Prefer Texting over Calling and So Please Only Real and Actual Women Please Do Email Me On here Or Either Ask Me for My Private Number to Text Me  Please and Thank's and ohh Once Again Please Pnly Real and Actual, Beautiful and Gorgeous, Sexii & Hott Single Women Email Me Please and Thank You, Sincerely You'res Aaron R ...

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