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I AM Seriously Wanting to Get Married to the Right and Perfect Woman this Year !..


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Ad number:#982689735
Contact:Aaron Ruiz
City:Daytona Beach, FL


My Name is Aaron and I Am Cuban, Puerto Rican, and i am Currently 29 Years old and i am a Single Full - Time Stay at Home Parent and Father, to My Very Handsome and Smart, and intelligent 2 Year's Old Son Named Zechariah, Nathan, Mercer, Ruiz and i am Currently on the Single Market and i am looking and also Searching to Find the Right and Perfect Woman to Come Walking into My Life and Would most Definitely love to Get to know Me and Would also love for Me to Get to know her and Would love to have a Real and Serious long Term RelationShip with Me and Would love to Get to be apart of Not Only My Life but would love to aslo be apart of my Son's Life as Well and Woiuld love to Become my Girlfriend and Would love to become My Soulmate and My True love for the Rest of my whole entire life and would love to actually and Really Get to Raise my Son with Me because i am also looking and also searching for a :Permanent Mother Type Figure for my Son, that Would love to Really and actually become my Son's Full - Time Permanent Stay at Home Mother and Would love and Care for Both Me and My Hnadsome Son for Real because We are a Package Deal and i am Wanting an Actual Beautiful and Gorgeous, and Sexii and Hott Real and Single Woman in my life and she must know how to Cook and Bake and she must know to be a Woman and a Mother and she also must be Naughty and also Kinky and also Very Sexual and Freaky in the bed Area and She also Must love to fuck and suck Dick and she also must love Swallowing Cumm and She also Must love havng 3Sums because i love having 3Sums and i actually and Very honestly and trurthfully wanrt a Naughty and kinky ass Wifey in my life who would actually love to become my Naughty and Kinky and Slutty ass Wifey and would also love to Really and actually live together here in Florida and would love to also Go to Church together Every Sunday and would love to do Church Related things With Me as My Church Wifey from God our heavenly Father and would love to do Church Volunteer rthings with Me as My Beloved Church Wifey and Would love to go on Church Mission Trips with Me and Would love to have a Family Together Really and honestly and Very So Truthfully and Would love to Help Me Fight for Custody of my Son from the Osceola County Court to Help Me Get Custody my Son back to me in my arms and would love for Us to become a Family and would lover to actually live together like i have just Said and also have asked here in my Long Paragraph and Would also love to have a Real and Beautiful home here in Florida Together and Would love to Become my Wife For Real legally and thru either the court house or thru a Beautiful Christian Church because i Am Wanting to Get Seriously and Honestly and Truly ReMarried to the Right and Perfect Woman in my Life and Would love to Actually Become my Wife For Real and before i Forget to Mention i Do have hangouts Messenger and i also do have Kik Messenger and also Skype Messenger and i also Do love to Text i Prefer Texting over Calling and So Please Only Real and Actual Beautiful and Gorgeous Single Women Email Me on here or ask Me for My Private Number to Text Me Please and Thanks Sincrerely Your's Aaron R !..

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