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About me: I'm 6ft tall, weigh 160 lbs, slim waist with an Athletic build, nice ab's (no gut or man boobs), I'm 56, look 36 and built like I'm 26.  I'm extremely Fit and Active.  I workout but don't live at the gym nor do I judge those that don't.  I'm a strong yet humble, Black man, bald by choice, clean-shaven (everywhere), sense of humor, nice smile and yes, I have all of my teeth except for my Wisdom teeth.  My eyes are Brown.  I don't have a car yet because I'm saving up for one and I wouldn't ask you to take me anywhere except on our date.  I'm a real man, old-school/new school.  I'm intelligent and computer literate.  Oh, if you agree to spend some of your time with me, then you won't regret it  also, I'm not a Sugar daddy or Sugar dummy.  I have my own apartment,  I can Host, I live alone in the Plaza area and I'm free on the weekends.  I'm a good listener and I'll keep your secrets (if any) and I stay positive.  I respect all Women.  You/or you with your girlfriend(really): I'm interested in Women that are from 18 to 60, local or out of state, single, gay women, seperated, employed or between jobs, college or not, divorced, tall and/or taller than me, short, friendly, funny, thick and intellegent.  Weight: from 110 lbs to 190 lbs (No offense intended), rich or poor but always clean, kids or not, be fit or not, one night stands, quickies (remember them?), on a constant basis or not. The choice is and will always be yours. Note: No Married Women (No offense intended again).  We would communicate through emails unless you decide to give me your number earlier (that's fine).  After we exchange numbers, we can send a pic to see if there is a mutual attraction and if there is, then we can go forward but if there isn't, then we stop there and do so with respect and kindness.  I would politely delete your number and never bother you.  You would tell me what you want me to do to you or you don't say a word and I would begin to take you on a slow, Pleasure Journey unlike any that you have ever known! We could leave the lights on or off.  We would thoroughly enjoy each other and it is my Pleasure to Pleasure you first. There will be no pressure at all.  If we agree to do something, then we will but if one of us does not agree, then we won't.  We will keep it safe and simple.  I have Condoms for us.  I have a Variety of High-End, Quality Toy's, rechargeable and battery operated that I would use (only with your permission) to help you to have Multiple Orgasams(really).  I also have an Oral toy just for you.(Yep).  I'm 420 friendly and cigarettes don't scare me but You can smoke on my balcony.  My job has a " No Cellphone Policy " so if you call/text, I won't be able to respond until after work but I will respond.  To all the beautiful women out there that want to experience an Awesome Friendship/Associationship remember this:  Friends have more Freedom, more Fun  and less Hassles!  Winter is almost here,  don't you want me to keep you warm?  Thanks for reading my AD and I look forward to hearing from you.  I drink socially but I don't get drunk.  I don't mind if you drink or don't.  I look forward to these New Adventures and our Adult Fun will be kept between us!

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