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Los Angeles: Westside

Hawthorne, blonde bodybuilder athlete 4 girlfriend


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Hi, good day, I am a really lonely east coast transplant here in Hawthorne seeking a woman for my life.  I seek a self-sufficient woman that is a giver and not looking to be taken care of financially but to bring to the relationship the same things she wants in return.  I am not looking to take care of anyone, rather SHARE in taking care of one another.  I want someone that can stand on their own two feet and doesn't need a man but wants a man and knows that giving is the way to get.  I do not want a woman that uses her sex appeal to get what she wants.  That is extremely unattractive.  I do not want a woman that puts expectations on her giving.  Women here are very selfish, vane, care too much about their appearance, are self-indulgent, self-centered, have no sense of traition or moral values.  It is very hard for a man wtih morals to find a good woman.  I seek a woman that is an intellectual, educated, soft-hearted, has zero trust issues with men, is over all her past issues and relationships and baggage and doesn't bring ANY of it into a new relationship.  I seek a fit woman, as I am a fit man, watches here weight, as I watch mine, enjoys health and fitness and lives a generally healthy nutritious lifestyle, exactly as I.  Disabled are accepted as I do not discriminate.  I am mostly attracted to latina, asian, indian cultures, white and black not so much.  I will consider all who reply wtih a photo smiling showing your teeth since that is important to me and two full length photos showing your figure.  Do not send any solicitations nor innappropriate photos.  All replies that follow instruction will be put to the front of the line.  All replies not following instrction will be tossed without being read, PERIOD, no exception, so, I suggest not waste your time.  I do NOT want a woman that is into the club scene, drinks, smokes anything, does any drugs at all.  Drinks occasionally is not an issue of course.  You must know how to cook as I do, live an active lifestyle as I do, not have any vices as I do, not be pushy as I, not have children as I, not be in a rush to have children as I, be domestic as I, and cater to a man such as myself with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from war time in the Army, (no, I am not violent) because I will do my best to cater to your needs as long as you do mine.  I give nothing I am not given.  Do NOT expect to be given anything you do not give yourself.  I only am interested in GIVERS.  Those that are fully understanding of the GOLDEN RULE:  Give to others as you want to recieve.  I am only interested in EQUAL treatment.  The Damsel in distress routine will never be accepted by a man like me, that is the most unattractive thing ever.  You must not be judgemental, assumptive, nor truly have any negative energy as I do not indulge in anything negative or associate with any people that do not Choose to positively handle their negativity in a productive way.  I seek a woman almost exactly like myself.  You must be Karmic, as I.  Meditate, be into metaphysical, energies, frequency and sound healing etc.  Religious fanatics need not apply.  You must be educated with intelligence.  You must have an understanding of a mans needs with this type of disorder and NOT activate my triggers and be accepting of me.  We all have our issues but I need a woman that doesn't have any trust problems from her history.  I have no trust issues and seek the same.  If you do, leave this page immediately.    Thank you and Blessings to all.

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