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NOTICE:  if you are a man, you can still feel free to contact me, but do not talk about homosexual stuff, I am not Anti Gay, but I posted in the "Men Seeking Women" for a reason, and ladies, if you contact me, BE LOCAL, do not be from Timbuktu(outside of the area I am posting in) unless you are within 50 miles.

READ my profile, and send me a kik message with what you found interesting!


Stats about me:


Here's my kik: Sturnn

Age: 29(1990)
Religion: Agnostic
Politics: N/A
Height: 5'9

I'm a huge gamer, I love First Person Shooter's, Real Time Strategy, Turn-Based Strategy, Role Playing, Massive Multiplayer games, I play games like Halo, Resident Evil, Dead Space, and many other games, as for role playing, I ran a Dark Heresy game once but the group split up due to life constraints, for music, I love alot of classical and soundtrack, some rock and a little metal, that said, this is all of me just about but I have a few more hobbies I like to do.

I love going to conventions(Megacon, Omni Expo, Metrocon) to name a few and I usually Cosplay.

I go out to a movie once and awhile, Pizza, LOVE pizza, Pizza is love, Pizza is life.

I talk alot about Games, Politics, History, theories aswell.

I do not like religion very much(or any sort) it's like sand, it's coarse, rough and irritating and it gets everywhere

I have gone to Megacon for the past 5 years, Metro a couple times, Omni-Expo a few times.

Tabletop games I enjoy:

D&D 5th(3.5's okay)
Warhammer Fantasy RolePlay
D20 Modern
Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay

lots of regular boardgames too.

I have over 1000 video games

N64, PS1, PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Gamecube, PC.

I also still live with my Family(Hope it's not a problem, but rent is F*cking expensive unless you have two part time jobs, or a single well paying full time job) I'm afraid my anxiety levels do not allow me to do too terribly much..

I can bury my politics if you can bury yours!

Religious and it's important? if it's THAT important to you, why are you here? go to a dating site someone set up for your religion, otherwise, let me live by my beliefs, and you can live by yours! sound good? great!

Now here's what I'm hoping to get from you:

Age Range: 18-38
Height: Doesn't really matter, preferably taller, but if you meld with me, I won't care!
Religion: Doesn't matter as long as it does not rule you
Politics: ^
Lives with family?: Sure, I don't mind if you live with them, can't expect you to have a castle if I don't have one!

preferably you like Cosplay, games, movies, Pizza, and, we can talk more!

When you contact me BE SERIOUS, I'm tired of flakes, fakes, I don't know how much more of that I can take.

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