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96,000 lbs of Expended Small Arms Brass For Sale


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Ad number:#1031102661
Contact:Pete Cruz
City:Fort Leonard Wood
Price:Best Offer


1. On this 15th Day of August 2023 you are invited to submit a spot bid proposal to purchase approximately 96,000 lbs. of Expended Small Arms Brass Cartridge Casing. The proposed bid shall include the cost to deform and transport the Expended Brass. The sale and pick up location is on Fort Leonard Wood, MO. The winning bid will be the highest offered price per-pound after subtracting for deformation, transportation, and all associated cost.

Please submit your signed proposal not later than 12:00 pm CST, 25 August 2023. You may submit your proposal via: scanned email, mailed or hand delivered to DPW, Environmental Division, attention Pete Cruz, Bldg. 11400, 8112 Nebraska Ave, Fort Leonard Wood, MO. 65473.

Name of Company:

Offers: $________per/lb. Estimated Weight of Expended Small Arms Brass Cartridge Casing 96,000 lbs. x $________per/lb. = $_________________includes deforming/transportation and other associated cost.


State:___________Zip Code:_______________ Phone Number:_________________________

Print Name:_____________________________ Signature of Buyer:______________________

Email Address: _________________________­  Date:__________________________________

2. The quantity of Expended Small Arms Cartridge Brass Casing for sale is approximately 96,000 pounds or 48 tons of 5.56mm, 9mm, 7.62mm and 50 caliber brass. Additional amounts of Expended Brass may be available for purchase for the same price. A forklift will be available at the site to load material. Expended Brass is stored in hoppers which are not included in weight or sale. Open Top Conveyance required for removal. Final weights will be based on readings from certified scales. Pick up dates will need to be coordinated after confirmation of award due to current COVID-19 Condition, inclement weather and availability of transportation.  

3. As a condition of sale, Buyer will be required to deform 100% of the brass from Fort Leonard Wood but is not required to complete this on site. All brass must be deformed within 48 hours of departure from Fort Leonard Wood. Although the buyer takes possession of the brass when picked up, Fort Leonard Wood QRP retains ownership and title of the brass until the brass has been properly deformed. Once loaded, the shipment will be sealed using a security seal provided by QRP Personnel. U.S. Government reserves the right to visit processing facility and observe brass deformation.

Although COVID-19 has subsided it continues to place our Nation in a unique situation and must adapt how we do business. The Army stands ready to defend our Nation and continue to conduct operations through COVID-19. To do that, the health protection of our force and those who support the force is a critical priority. Out of an abundance of caution, we have decided to scale back certain procedures to lessen the risk for COVID-19 transmission. As a precaution and mutual understanding, we will require the buyer to video/photograph the deformation process with appropriate documents as visual evidence. Once deformed, the brass becomes the property of the buyer. The buyer will send the video/photograph and a deformation certificate signed by a trained and authorized representative be submitted within the 48-hr. allowance to.

Directorate of Public Works

Environmental Division, QRP Manager Pete Cruz

8112 Nebraska Ave (Bldg. 11400)

Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473

4.  Please note; Deformation is defined as follows, expended brass casings must be properly crushed, shredded, granulated, or deformed using an ordnance deformer, hammer mill shredder, rotary blade granulator, or other approved methods to include the annealing or smelting of brass. If annealing is the offered method of deformation, 100% of the brass must be heated to at least 500 degrees Fahrenheit for a minimum, constant duration of 90 minutes. Higher temperatures at shorter durations can be discussed. Cost of deformation (to include freight) needs to be included as part of the bid and invoice sent to Fort Leonard Wood with payment for brass. Buyer/Contractor may deduct cost of deformation from total money owed to the government if money owed exceeds cost of deformation. The remaining amount owed is to be sent with the invoice and a reconciliation statement.

5.  The winning bid will be determined by the highest net bid. Upon notification of bid selection and signed sales agreement, within 24 hours, buyer will be required to provide a down payment in the form of a certified bank check made out to the US TREASURY DEPARTMENT equal to 30% of the total bid for Expended Brass Purchase. Brass needs to be removed from the installation on agreed upon date listed on sales agreement. Remaining proceeds will be due to Fort Leonard Wood within 30 days of the final load of brass leaving the installation.

Checks will be mailed to:

Directorate of Public Works

Environmental Division, QRP Manager

8112 Nebraska Ave, (Bldg. 11400)

Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473 

6. Dangerous Property. Buyers are cautioned that articles or substances of a dangerous nature may remain in the property regardless of the care exercised to remove same. The Government assumes no liability for damages to property of the Buyer or for personal injury, disability or death of the Buyer, its employees, or to any other person arising from or affiliated with the purchase, use or dispositions of this material. The Buyer shall hold the Government harmless from any and all such demands, suit, actions, or claims arising from or otherwise relating to the purchase of this material.

7. The Buyer/Contractor is responsible for compliance with all federal, state, and local safety regulations applicable to the processing and deformation of Expended Small Arms Cartridge Case. Specifically, the Buyer/Contractor must develop and implement a written respiratory protection program with required worksite-specific procedures and elements in compliance with OSHA 29 Code of Federal Regulations Section 1910.134.

8. Prior to bid submittal, Buyer or representatives may visit our installation, by appointment, Monday through Friday (except holidays), 8:00 am - 2:30 pm and inspect the recyclable materials offered for sale. Visit appointments can be arranged by calling (573) 596-1385.

9. Please attach your completed End User Certificate (DLA Form 1822) along with your signed proposal not later than 12:00 pm CDT, 25 August 2023. You may submit your proposal via email to (, fax (573) 596-0869, mailed or hand delivered to DPW, Environmental Division, Bldg. 11400, 8112 Nebraska Ave, Fort Leonard Wood, MO 65473. Failure to complete/submit the End User Certificate will result in the bid being incomplete and subject to denial. The government reserves the right to visit the bidder’s facility to verify potential buyer’s ability to properly deform the cartridge cases. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Peter A. Cruz

Qualified Recycling Program Manager



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