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Dressmaker 7000 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual


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Dressmaker 7000 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual


This manual is available here- Dressmaker sewing machine manual


Bobbin winding.
Setting the needle.
Placing bobbin case in shuttle.
Threading machine.
Adjusting thread tension.
Sewing disks.
Creative embroidery.
Quilting guide.
Adjusting and changing “V” belt.
Cleaning and oiling the shuttle.
Replacing light bulb.
Installing head into cabinet.
Much more!

40 page instruction manual.

Great diagrams!



Placing bobbin case in shuttle -Dressmaker 7000 Sewing Machine Instruction Manual

Raise the needle bar to its highest position, and open front cover to the left.
Hold the bobbin latch, between thumb and forefinger of the left hand, with at least three inches of thread running from the top of the bobbin case to the right.
Insert and center the bobbin case on the stud of the shuttle body.
Be sure the bobbin case finger is opposite the shuttle race notch.
Press the bobbin case into the shuttle as far as possible until the latch catches on the center post of the shuttle. Then the release the bobbin case latch.
Press the bobbin case again after latch has been released to make sure the bobbin case is locked securely in place.
Close the front cover


Adjusting the tensions

Adjust the upper tension with the presser foot down, as the tension is released when it is raised. To increase the tension on the upper thread, turn dial to the right. To decrease, turn to the left.
Before adjusting lower tension be sure that the machine is threaded properly.
To change the bobbin tension, turn the small screw on the side of the bobbin case clockwise to tighten, counterclockwise to loosen.
When upper tensions are properly balanced, a perfect stitch will be formed with both threads interlocking in fabric.
If the upper tension is too tight, the lower thread is pulled up over the upper thread which is lying flat on the fabric.
With the upper tension is too loose, the upper thread forms loops over the lower thread lying flat on the fabric.


More sewing machine manuals are available here-

We are a family run business serving the sewing community for over 10 years.

Have fun sewing!

Let us know if you need a manual for your machine.

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