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Looking for that guy who sucked me off


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Its a random shot but I thought i would give it a try,

So two years ago, back when I thought I was straight, I was a jerk to this guy who was hard and jerking off in mens urinals. As soon as I started taking my dick out to pee, I noticed the guy next to me was hard and trying to look at my dick, I was like "what the fuck dude". He got scared and stopped looking at me, he turned other way toward corner. But then while i was peeing another guy comes and started jerking off and he started sucking that first guy right in front of me. Now I thought its not worth saying anything cuz they were two and i was one who knows they might force me to join them. However after a bit, it started turning me on. so even though i was finished pissing, i still stayed there and with my semi hard dick. Then the guy who was being sucked off moved toward me and looked at my eyes for permission and i didn'tsay anything but pulled my pants down a bit giving him more access, then he started playing and sucked me off.

Well before than this, I had never played with guy or sucked by guy. I had girlfriend who always gave me blow job, however this felt 100 times better. After then i never saw this guy, I went back to that urinals hoping I would find you, but I didn't have luck, I started exploring myself more with guys, installed grindr, tinder, jackD and many apps to find you or a guy who would suck me the way you did. The thing is I am uncut and often i find it very sensitive when soomeone sucks me off like they're sucking a cut dick with very tight pressure. You knew exactly how to suck an uncut dick I guess because you are uncut too. I met many guys, they all sucked but I never got satsfied, I only pretended to enjoy. If you see this ad please contact me. 

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