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Ad number:#384211892
Contact:Jessica Hutchison
City:Plymouth, MI
Square ft:N/A


I am looking for a roommate to rent out a bedroom in my mobile home! It is located near M-14 in Plymouth, Michigan. It is in a very safe, upscale, rural part of Plymouth. It is only a few miles away from downtown Plymouth so there is easy access to downtown. It's in a quiet, upscale trailer park. Currently I occupy the main bedroom, so I am looking for somebody to occupy the guest bedroom. There is a giant living room, tons of closet and cupboard space, an attached half bathroom along with a stand-up shower and huge bathtub in the master bathroom, and large laundry room with working laundry/drier. There is also a working dishwasher, food disposal, refrigerator, microwave, coffee machine, couch, dining table, indoor/outdoor patio in the front, a covered outdoor patio in the back, and a storage shed out back. I currently don't have wifi but would be open to getting that and I don't have cable but there are cable hook-ups. I personally never use cable but you are welcome to purchase it and hook it up for yourself. We would split the Consumer's Energy bill, which averages around $100/month. My water bill hasn't been more than $60 but that's with just me living there and we would be splitting that as well. Rent would be $400 a month and I would require a $400 security deposit upon moving in. 


This location is perfect for somebody like me who is in school all day and works and likes to come home to peace and quiet. The trailer is cute, vintage-styled, and really cozy! 


About me:

I am a 20 year old Music Business major. I go to school 4 days/week in Detroit, I work on the weekends in Ann Arbor, and I have an internship. So, I am busy, busy, busy! I am a very quiet person myself. However, sometimes I like to play music but never at a disrespectful time of course. That's about as loud as I am. If I am home, I am likely studying or sleeping. I am clean! I like to keep my bedroom and bathroom (which we share the shower/bath of) tidy. I am not a clean freak, though. I understand that life happens. 


What I Expect:

I am looking for somebody who is quiet and respectful like me. I want somebody who is going to keep the common spaces tidy as well as their own room and bathroom. I plan to continue renting out that bedroom for as long as I live here. I also just put brand new carpeting in that bedroom/bathroom as well. 


Please contact me if interested! Thanks!

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