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Contact:Rob Parker


This is it people you are getting my 3D collection of a lifetime, due to bad eyes, I can no longer enjoy these movies, this are additional titles that have just been added to the list. For the whole family to enjoy, how about Robinson Cruesoe in stunning 3D, for the adults World War Z in stunning 3D, and a lot of these releases in 3D are from overseas, since they did not release them here in the States in 3D, Spiderman into the universe in stunning 3D, Ralph Breaks the internet in stunning 3D, How to train your Dragon 3 in stunning 3D, The fifth element, The Wolfman, both rated and unrated versions, How about 2 Block busters on one Blu-Ray disc, Battle Los Angeles and Lockout in incredible picture and sound in hi-def blu-ray, what a treat, and last but not least, how about The Wizard of Oz in stunning 3D, just in time for the Christmas Holidays, a treat for the whole family to enjoy so you are getting about 70% 3D movies and the rest in 2D blu-ray quality what a treat Includes free shipping. A $6000.00 value now at only $1100.00.Can you imagine having the Star Wars collection in stunning HD blu-rays, 1-6, and the force awakens and rogue one in stunning 3D, those movies are spectacular in HD 1080 quality, also how about for the whole family the smurfs all 3 in stunning 3D, also fast and furious tokyo drift unopened did not get to see it, underworld blood wars in 3D ballerina in 3D for the family to enjoy, resident evil the final chapter in 3D, how about fiddler on the roof in HD 1080 blu-ray, and step up HD blu-ray, as I will say many of these movies are unopened and I did not get a chance to see them. So this is my loss and your gain, they must go so someone can enjoy them and add them to your collection.People who say 3D is dead are lying to you, studious are making big money by putting there blockbusters in stunning 3D. If they are not released in 3D Blu-ray stateside, they are overseas. I have all these great films in my 3D collection and now someone else could have this fantastic collection as there"s to treasure for a lifetime. This is what you have been waiting for imagine the action on your 3D TV, when these movies come to life on your big screen, you will see the incredible depth perception and wow how about those amazing pop outs. There are over 200 movies in this collection. I have tons of 3D Blu-rays and Blu-rays, half of them are unopened, I have 6 of the Harry Potter movies unopened, the last in the series the 3D vesion has been played once. Many of them also have the 2D vesion along with the DVD and many have digital codes as well. Many of them come with the covers as well. I also have Blockbuster movies in there original covers, will be a collectors item in the near future.These are the titles all 8 Harry Potter movies the last 2 in 3D as well. Antman 3D, Hotel tranyslvania 2 3D, The walk 3D, We need to talk about Kevin, We were soldiers, Poltergeist 3D, Captain America civil war 3D, The no 23, House at the end of street, jumper 3d, Goosebumps 3D, Monsters vs aliens 3D, Coraline 3D, Hell Boy and Hell Boy 2, without warning, the fifth estate, No country for old men, Home 3D, Dead before dawn 3D, Everest 3D, All 5 Terminator movies the last one in 3D, U571, the posideon adventure, Inside out 3D, The martian 3D, Jurrasic world 3D, Finding nemo and dory 3D, The croods 3D, Penguins of madagarscar 3D, All 2 insidious movies, Stalingrad 3D, Zootopia 3D, Batman vs superman 3D, Monster in paris 3D, Avengers age of ultron 3D, Turbo 3D, Sing 3D, Shooter, Paranormal activity ghost dimension 3D, Rambo, Double feature pelican brief and time to kill, The Merry Gentleman, Nurse 3D, The secret life of pets 3D, Man of tai chi, Spiderman trilogy, 21 and over, Pan 3D, The lord of salem, Star trek Beyond, Bolt 3D, House of wax 3D, Ninja turtles 3D, How to train your dragon 2, Westworld, Pandorum, The fast and furious and 2 fast and furious, Movie 43, The hunt for red October, Mr. brooks, 12 rounds, Billy Lynns 3D, and 4K, piranha and piranha 2 both in 3D, Honey 2, Benhur 1959 version and the ten commandments double feature, Jeepers creepers, Gone in 60 seconds 1970 version, The love guru, Moana 3D, The boxtrolls 3D, Independence day and indepence resurgent 3D, Paddington, The neverending story, Doctor Strange 3D, Hero, Passengers 3D and 4K, Wanted, Predator 3D, Dirty harry and Magnum force double feature, The international, Despicable me and Minions in 3D, District 9, Static 3D, Monster university one and 2 in 3D, Final destination 1,2,3, and 5 in 3D, The mummy in 3D, Kung fu panda 1,2 in 3D, Skyline, Henry poole is here, Pirates of the carribean on stranger tides in 3D, Impostor and final encounter double feature, Chicken little 3D, Kubo 3D, Dirty dancing, 28 days later, Ghostbusters 1980, Conan the barbarian 3D, Lean on me DVD, Mutant chronicles, Gladiator, Bedknob broomsticks, Romeo and Juliet 2013 edition, 2012, Pirates of the carribean dead men tell no tales 3D Resident evil retribution 3D, Resident evil, Resident evil extinction, The new daughter, Resident evil apocalypse, all 4 Alien films plus the alien vs predator all come with rated and unrated editions, Upside down 3D, Journey to the center of the earth 1,2 both in 3D, and the block buster Zero dark thirty, the rom-com Bounty Hunter, the thriller Sunshine, the blow away your mind Donnie Darko, and how about Narnia The Voyage Of the Dawn Treader in Stunning 3D , just added to the list but not pictured, Stomp the yard, Ninja, Jack Black in the Gullivers Travels in 3D, Possesion with Sarah Michelle jeller, Hellbenders in 3D, VHS 2, Underworld Awakening and Funny People, a lot of these movies also come with the rated or unrated vesion as well. if interested call  321-752-4066 speak clearly
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