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Beware of Scam. Use Always Reliable and Affordable Florida Bal Harbour Movers.
There are many versions to the moving scam, but the basic scam begins with a prospective client contacting a moving company and requesting a cost estimate. In today's market this often happens online via moving directories, brokers, or phone calls. These moving brokers are salesmen prone to quoting sometimes low, but usually reasonable prices with no room for the movers to provide a quality service.
     Once the rogue "moving company" has secured a move by providing a non-binding or binding estimate, they arrive to pack and deliver the goods. Often the scam movers use deceptive pricing or weight measurements including prices based on the gross weight of the moving vehicle. Bal Harbour Movers uses a proprietary moving system that is designed to calculate the exact cost of your particular move. After packing and loading, the client is informed that their goods went over the expected weight estimate and the additional weight will be charged at a substantially higher rate (often double the original price per pound). Rogue movers will not inform a client of these discrepancies until the client's goods have been weighed at a certifiable scale, far from the client's original pickup location. The new price may be four or five times higher than the original estimate. The scam movers know that most people will be forced to pay these exorbitant rates based on their need for the personal effects.
     Another popular scam is when a moving broker is involved. In many cases, Internet-based moving brokers and household goods carriers quote consumers one rate to move their goods, but then charge an exorbitant markup in order to complete the move—often after the carrier has already taken physical possession of the property. They have their customers pay large deposits that are nothing more than their fees. Frequently, the business names used by the brokers are similar to well-known, reputable brand names in the moving industry. This is why only Bal Harbour Movers can give their customers an accurate, discounted quote with a cap limit, so are clients know that they will never pay anything above and beyond. 
We are fully insured, licensed and bonded in the state of Florida. Our moving team will exceed all your expectations and provide you with peace of mind at great price.
Call us at (305) 919-0333 for more information and a free quote today.

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