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Call today for local moving rates 954-958-2238

A poorly planned move can be costly. From hiring unprofessional movers to paying for unnecessary complementary services that aren’t part of your original package, movers who don’t check the fine print of their service agreement are at a disadvantage. 

Avoid these money traps by planning your move carefully. Apart from learning more about the professional movers in your area, determine your budget for the service. Preparing your expenses will narrow down your search for a professional moving contractor. 

When you hire Moving Squad, we won’t make you sign a contract immediately. Instead, we offer free moving quotes so our South Florida clients have time to think their decision through. Call (888) 597-7823 now for a free estimate.

Reliable Price Estimates


We are upfront with our costs. This way, you’ll be able to budget well for your big move. 

Start by filling out our form online. We will need the zip code of your current home and the one you’re moving in to. Once we have all the information, we’ll give you the ballpark price. For a more accurate quote, we encourage you to download our mobile app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play.

Afterward, you’ll receive a more detailed breakdown of your expenses.   

There’s More to Moving Than Money

Anyone who has ever moved understands that no matter the situation, unexpected expenses can arise. Regardless of the situation, nobody wants to spend extra money. These surprise expenses add stress. That’s no way to enjoy the excitement of your move. 

Moving quotes are vital when it comes to preparing for and planning your move. Moving Squad provides custom moving quotes so we can minimize the uncertainty and ambiguity of your move by helping you plan with more detail so you can have better peace of mind.

A Moving Company Should Be Your Partner

It should come as no surprise that moving is far from a linear process. Things may arise that can force you to change plans on the fly, and if that happens you need to be able to rely on your moving company to work with you to resolve the situation. The last thing you want are surprise expenses that some moving companies see as an opportunity to add costs to the move and make more money off of you. A moving quote should be trustworthy and not change. 

That’s exactly how Moving Squad operates. We work with our movers every step of the way, staying in constant communication so that everyone is fully aware of what’s happening. If surprises arise, we will communicate clearly with you to ensure full understanding and clarity in what we feel may be the best way to move forward. 

Our goal  is to deliver your belongings to your new home as efficiently and as safely as possible. Doing that for the best price is our goal. In our experience, providing accurate moving quotes online is the first step in an effective and successful process. Moving Squad wants to be your trusted moving partner.


Honesty Matters to Us

We don’t hide service charges from our clients. You approve our services first before we move your belongings. Let us know of your moving needs and your budget, so we can adjust accordingly. 

Moving Squad wants to make your move as stress-free as possible. You won’t go wrong when you choose our services. Fill out our form today or download our mobile app for a free quote on our South Florida moving services. 

If you have questions, get in touch with us today. We are here to provide accurate pricing so you can move forward with confidence.


Call today for FREE local moving quote 954-958-2238

Coral Springs Rates
2 man crew and a Truck $125 per hour (2 hours work+1 hour travel mini move $375)
3 man crew and a Truck $150 per hour (2 hours work +1 hour travel mini move $450)

1441 SW 29th Ave Pompano Beach FL 33069
FLA. Mover Reg. No. IM2172 | U.S. DOT No. 2406070 | MC No. 827782

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