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Things to Consider before Moving to a Condo


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Buying or moving into a condo home is a huge achievement. But, moving from one place to another can be tiring, stressful, and exhausting. Before you officially sign a contract, you need to consider these important things first. We hope you find the below list helpful.


You need to consider these things:




Condos are often located in main urban areas near commercial and transportation hubs. Before moving in, ask yourself these: “Is it near my office?” or “Is the commute or traffic bearable?” or “Is it near my child’s school?”  Yes, you might be living in a luxurious condo home but is it convenient to travel around the city?




There are condo developments that have the best amenities – a big pool, posh boutiques on the ground floor, landscaped jogging paths – and there are others that don’t even have a reception lobby. It all depends on your budget and priorities when it comes to choosing. If you have kids, you may consider condos with a playground or an outdoor area where they play safely. Meanwhile, if you’re single and a health buff, you’ll surely appreciate a gym within the building. It all boils down to what you need.




Is bringing in your Golden Retriever or Poodle out of the question? Ask the building administration up front about their policies on pets. Some low-rise and medium-rise developments with big outdoor areas allow large dogs; most condos allow toy dogs, cats, and other (vaccinated) furry pets, while other condos will only allow you to bring in a goldfish bowl. Learn how to create a pet-friendly home here.




Some condo buildings come with small windows that will force you to turn on the lights and air conditioner 24/7. Pick a development with generously sized windows that you can open safely. What if you got the unit pre-selling? Check the building’s elevation drawings to see if the windows are big enough. Also, checking on fire exits could come in handy, too.




Conducting a final inspection before moving in is a must! You just don’t go in and simply pay your downpayment without inspecting every detail inside and outside. Navigate every area starting from the main entryway, so you get to see every detail. It is also advisable to have a short list of the things that you need and try comparing it with other condominium building first.




Your building administration should have a maintenance team to keep the corridors, public areas, grounds, and exterior windows clean, as well as do seasonal maintenance work like repainting and repairs. These are included in your monthly dues so it is important that you check on those,too.


The list goes on but, these are the things that we could think for now. If you have decided and chose the best condominium building, call Affordable Moving and Storage to assist you in your moving needs in Southwest Florida. Aside from moving, we also offer storage services that can help store your things if you are downsizing or need some extra room in your new condo.


We service areas in Marco Island, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, Fort Myers and Naples. Contact us for a no-obligation price estimate! When you choose to move at Affordable Moving and Storage, we will make sure that everything is well taken care of. You can call us at 239-405-7233 or you can also request a free quote.

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